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Say No to the Flu Shot

Say No to the Flu Shot. We are not shot people. Especially the flu shot. It drives us CRAZY that every shop in town (Walmart, CVS, etc) you can just walk in and get the flu shot. People aren’t educated to know that maybe they SHOULDN’T get it so when they see a banner out front advertising and a nurse at a table inside they think they HAVE to get it. It’s such propaganda!

People should be informed about the risks they are taking, but even more important that there are VERY simple things people can do in their lifestyle to help from getting the flu in the first place.

If you hadn’t had a chance to really research the flu shots I want to give you a list of great articles to help you see why the flu shot is NOT needed. There is soooo much that I could say about this topic that I thought it would just be easier to give you a few of my favorite articles that you can read on your own time.

I first want to link to the blog Eco-Babyz who gave me the idea for this post. She has a lot of great info.

Flu Vaccine Exposesd ~ What the shot itself is made of and why it is ineffective

How to Prevent the Flu…as easy as 1,2,3 ~ . FANTASTIC info on how to build up your immune system to stay healthy. Many times you THINK your symptoms are flu but probably just a common virus.

More People Skipping Flu Shot This Year ~ “Americans seem to be wising up about the flu shot scam…” is the first line. LOVE it!

Walgreens announces flu shot gift card; give the “gift” of a vaccine (opinion) ~ this article will definitely put a smile on your face. Hilarious! oh Walgreens…

So tell me ~ will you be getting the flu shot this year?


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  • No shot for my family. We've been using a homeopathic preventative for years. Blue's Wings on 41 was adverting the shots for $3. Since when has a wings joint gotten into this mess???
  • Some people need to get the shot. Like me for instance, Im on dialysis and dialysis patients need to get the shot. Yes there are some patients that dont get the flu shot because we do still get the choice. But if someone like me gets the flu, that person could die.
  • no no no no no! :) We are very anti-flu shot here. Many reasons. Including what you said. :) I'd write it all down but ... it would take too long! :)
  • I left a comment this morning but I had an error message after writing it. But if you happened to have already received it and opted not to post, that's fine.Myself and my family already all had our flu shots. For lots of reasons but mostly because I am a health care provider and the two times I've had the flu I had to be hospitalized and nearly died (both times I was not vaccinated either). So, I'm considered high risk. My son has pretty severe asthma so I prefer to also get a little added protection for him.With all that being said, I am a huge advocate of being fully informed and enjoying the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate. What I don't like is when someone opts out of it because some celebrity said they were bad or on the flip side opts in because the pharmacy has a sign. I wish more people read and understood the risks as well as the benefits of the vaccines they are receiving.When I was finally able to view the links, there was some good literature from peer reviewed sources. Unfortunately like many things, I bet there are just as many studies out there in support of the success of the vaccine. And, there are actually different types of flu vaccines, too. The nasal variety is actually not a killed virus but a live one and it has twice the efficacy than the shot does because the "live" component can cover more mutations.Thank you for sharing this information. I wish there were more people who were informed of their options and based the decisions on that rather than following the crowd.
  • The one time I ever got the flu shot I was sick in bed for a full week afterwards. It was the sickest I've ever felt. I'd rather keep myself healthy and not get the flu at all rather than make myself that ill again just to supposedly avoid getting ill again. During flu season my family becomes almost paranoid about hand washing and other precautions. We eat healthier and include more foods high in vitamin C in our diets throughout flu season. A close friend of mine got her flu shot and still ended up getting the flu less than a month later. Just because it wasn't severe enough for her to be hospitalized the vaccine industry tries to still call that a success. I'm tired of the fear tactics used to get people to use it. There are those that may need the help to survive the flu season due to other health issues. It doesn't mean we need to blanket vaccinate the entire public.

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