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We have rented for over two years now in multiple homes. It has not been very fun, mostly because I don’t get to decorate how I want to. The boys haven’t gotten to pick out the paint color for their rooms and I haven’t been able to hang pictures on the walls because I’m afraid to put holes in them. When I came across Roommates Peel & Stick decals I knew it was for me!

Decisions! Decisions! Which ones shall we get? We decided to do the boys’ rooms first. Will it be Dinosaurs or Pirates or maybe Spiderman? As soon as O’Bear noticed they had Knights with a dragon he started jumping up and down. That was easy. C’Man picked out the Sports Growth Chart which was perfect for him because he always likes measuring himself to see how much he’s grown. (He’s trying to catch up with short mom – and getting there way to fast!). P’Diddy was an easy choice for me. Jungle animals.

I’ll admit I was kind of nervous when it came to putting them up. What if they ripped as I was taking them off the sheet? What if I didn’t like how they were placed on the wall and wouldn’t come off? My fears were quickly diminished as they were super sturdy stickers and didn’t feel like they would tear very easily.

I had a whole plan in my head on where the knight stickers would be put up. Over the bed with the big castle sticker in the middle and everything else around it. O’Bear had a different idea and he wanted the castle on the side with the dragon far away flying towards it. I gave in thinking I could take them all off if I had to and start over, but it looks fantastic! Look at what his creation turned out like…



We had a bit more of problem with C’Man. The growth chart is in inches instead of feet so it took us awhile to figure that out. We stuck and unstuck that chart on the wall about 3 or 4 times and it still turned out beautifully! (A side note, Roommates told me they are re-doing the growth chart so that it is in actual feet and easier to measure). We all put our names on the flags, even mom and dad, and stuck them on. It will be fun to watch as the boys move their flags up the wall every few months.


And P’Diddy? The whole family pitched in. I wanted to put it above his crib so he could be in bed and look up at it. We took turns choosing an animal and decided where we wanted to place it. It turned into a hodge podge with not much order to it but we love it. And the best part – I can move those animals around however I want! Right now he can touch the zebra but to change things up one day I’ll bring the lion closer. I can’t wait for him to start pointing at the animals and saying their names and what sounds they make!

RoomMates has a variety of items! One really neat product is their Chalkboard & Dry Erase Wall Decals. Stick them up – write with chalk or dry erase marker – erase with a damp cloth. How fun is that?!

They have a TON of characters and themes for both boys and girls. All in different sizes and shapes!
Disney, Sports, Movies, & so much more!


And home decor stickers for us Mamas!

These are the ones I want next! 🙂

Would you like to WIN a Scroll Tree like this one? I LOVE this tree!!!
Or choose another MegaPack item?

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