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How Does Poo Move You? ReNew Life wants to know!

Yes I said poo! I think a lot of us actually say poo all the time. Poo is just part of our life as a mom.

Today I’m referring to the 2011 Young Adult Education Outreach Initiative by ReNew Life. A humor centered program to educate young adults to pay closer attention to their digestive systems.

RenewLife recently held a two month long video submission contest to celebrate healthy poo! 90 seconds on camera to share how poo moves you! Not sure if I could have watched those videos or not! ha!

While the contest is now over, the campaign continues to live on. Spreading the word early in life about digestive issues prevention is important and great that RenewLife is leading the way to help do that!

ReNew Life

Renew Life

What is one way to help with digestive health? If you’ve read my blog this past week then you should already know the answer!

By taking daily probiotic supplements! RenewLife has a whole line of clinically proven probiotic strains. Even for kids!! Wasn’t I just saying a few days ago that I needed to research probiotics for my son? Very excited!


One thing I’ve always wanted to try, is a Detox Cleanse. RenewLife was kind enough to send me Daily-Multi Detox ~ a Gentle, Daily Detoxification & Cleansing Program made with 21 organic herbs.

Your body fights to cleanse itself every day, and Daily Multi-Detox is the first and only total-body cleansing program designed for everyday support of your body’s cleansing processes, as well as the health of the colon.

I am very excited to try it out! Unfortunately I wasn’t very smart when I ordered it and realized that I shouldn’t take it while I am still nursing. The review on this product will be continued…but it looks great…I really need to get all this “junk” out of me!


Check out ReNew Life on Amazon and pick out some products you’d like to try!

 Renew Life

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Good Luck!

ReNew Life sent me a product to help promote their program and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.