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RedLaser Shopping App

Remember the days when you used to visit five different stores to find what you wanted for the best price? Those days are over!

RedLaser phone app allows you to do some really cool things to help save you Time and Money.

Scan & Search. Scan any barcode at any store and it will instantly bring up Local and Online shops with prices for you to buy!

Produce Reviews. I always check out reviews before buying a big item or a product that is ‘new’ to me.

Buy from the Phone. Use your paypal! How great is that?

Scan food to get allergen info. Easily find out nutritional info.

I found one downfall the first time I used it. I do not get phone service inside my local Walmart, which means No app using for me. Bummer. This is Walmart’s fault of course!

One of my favorite things about the app though is the History category. I like being able to go back and see what I’ve scanned and remind myself of the best deal. My memory is not good these days!

It also has the QR code feature to scan.

Now that I have RedLaser there are two or more other apps I can eliminate from my phone, since this one does it all!

Download the RedLaser App for Free!

What feature do you think you will like best?


This post is partnered with She Speaks & RedLaser and I will be receiving a gift card for helping spread the word.


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  • We have used Red Laser for awhile now and I love it! Almost every store I go into I will scan something "just because" I am curious and because I fulfill my need to be a cashier by scanning things as I go through the store. Silly I know but I really have secretly wanted to be a cashier just to scan stuff over and over again! :)I worked in retail in high school and college so not sure why I still feel this way as an adult.

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