1 Day Planet Fitness Sale!

My youngest is starting first grade this week. That means for the first time in a long time the house will be quiet all.day.long. What will I do! I have lots of plans in my head. Our home WILL get cleaned out and organized. I WILL work daily on my blog goals. I WILL do my bible study every morning. I WILL start working out and look into a tennis league.

Working out? Yes! Besides walking the dog and getting in a few hikes, my exercise mode this summer has gone down the drain. It’s been hot, right? That’s what I tell myself.

Planet Fitness took their own Summer Survey that found these conclusions:

    • 33%  of Americans would rather go to the dentist than wear a bathing suit this summer.
    • “Beachtimidation” is just as real as “Gymtimidation,” with 46% of respondents claiming they do not feel confident about their body in a bathing suit.
    • 76% of people admit they are more critical of their own appearance in a bathing suit than that of others.

Planet Fitness for $1

It’s time to get back on track. Planet Fitness – the home of the Judgement Free Zone® – has a summer deal. But act fast because it is for ONE DAY only!

On August 15th, you can join Planet Fitness for just a dollar! For one day only, join Planet Fitness for $1 down and then $10 a month.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Many clubs are open and staffed 24/7.
  • All clubs have spacious locker rooms and friendly staff.
  • Unlimited fitness training is included in all memberships.
  • The PF Black Card® membership, at $19.99 a month, includes additional amenities such as the ability to bring a guest every day at no additional charge, access to all 1,100+ Planet Fitness locations, use of massage chairs and beds, and more.
  • Planet Fitness has two circuits which help members get a full workout in 12 or 30 minutes. The circuits combine strength and cardio, and operate on a red light / green light system.
  • Fitness also provides members with an opportunity to connect and support each other with “Planet of Triumphs,” an online community that celebrates all accomplishments and inspirational stories of Planet Fitness members.

Planet Fitness for $1

Find a location near you – new members can join any location online too!
1 day, $1 down, $10 a month, no commitment.

Is it time you got back in the swing of things?

I partnered with Blog Meets Brand and Planet Fitness for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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