OvaCue Fertility Monitor and Natural Family Planning


There is so much to say in this post! I’m going to break it down into two different days. Today I’m going to chat about the OvaCue Fertility Monitor in general and how it works. Then I’m going to write more about my thoughts on the OvaCue and chat about natural family planning too! Is that cool?

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

The OvaCue has been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation and has helped tens of thousands of couples conceive. Or not conceive. A great method of birth control using an all natural method.

I really knew nothing about these monitors and how they worked, what I needed to do, etc. I was a bit intimidated by the idea of it. Let me tell you that this little machine is smart! I use it for less than a minute each day and it records everything!

Let me tell you a tad more…

~ up to seven day advanced notice for ovulation. This is very nice to know! My cycles are pretty regular but not exact. I love the idea knowing ahead of time what to expect!

~ easy and fast. The OvaCue measures changes in the electrolyte concentration of your saliva (not urine!). I take a small gadget shaped like a spoon with sensors on it and place it on my tongue first thing in the morning. It does its calculations in five seconds and gives me a reading. I clean my sensor and turn off the monitor. Done for the day!

~ color coded calendar makes it simple to read. Every day is white until closer to ovulation and the calendar days turn blue. Even the shades of blue get darker as ovulation gets closer. The day of ovulation is pink. Can’t miss pink! Happy pink!

~ free access to OvaGraph which is an online monitoring system for graphing, storing, and sharing your OvaCue readings, basal temperatures, and other fertility signs. I have not used this yet, but it sounds cool!


Now if you want confirmed ovulation and/or have irregular cycles you will want to add on the Vaginal Sensor. It is an extra special tool that gives you the knowledge and exact moment of what you have been waiting for all month. An added bonus as I like to call it and can be very important to those who have been having issues conceiving.

By measuring the electrolyte levels of your cervical mucus, the vaginal sensor will provide the OvaCue fertility monitor with the information it needs to track trends in your hormone levels, thereby allowing the monitor to identify the estrogen surge that occurs just prior to ovulation and the subsequent shift from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance that occurs at the time of ovulation.

This sensor was also super fast and easy to use. I know when you first look at it you’re like what? I have to put that where? Everyday? But tracking your cervical mucus is even more accurate. I use it each night before I go to bed. Again, I simply insert it for five seconds while the monitor does its reading and done!

The system comes with a bag to store the monitor and parts. I leave it on my bathroom counter so I have easy access and don’t forget! That is the one issue with me ~ my memory!


I hope I introduced you to a product that can be beneficial to you! Either in having a new baby or as a great way for natural birth control. We will talk more in another month!

Plus isn’t this better than peeing on sticks and buying plastic applicators that go in the waste every month? 🙂


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