Daddy Dolphin Pillow Pet

The first toy O’Bear wrote on his Christmas List was Daddy Dolphin. I looked at it and said ‘What?’. I was confused. He said, “I have Flipper my Webkinz and he needs a daddy.” I turned away and smiled. How cute. He later told me that a pillow pet would be a good daddy and I had to agree. Now to find one! I decided to give that job to Santa.

Santa didn’t disappoint! Flips (O’Bear names all his animals by looks or what they can do. Like Dark the chocolate lab or Stripe the alley cat) came to live with us on Christmas morning. We weren’t even done opening before O’Bear runs over to me and tells me he wants me to blog about his new dolphin.

Since that morning he has been DRIVING ME CRAZY asking when we were going to blog about Flips. So here we are!

O’Bear is taking over my words…

I love Flips because I can lay on him and he can be a pet. He’s a good daddy to Flipper. And I want to show you him.

Did your child receive a favorite toy this holiday?

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