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Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate

You are intrigued about this giveaway aren’t you? And a little excited? Could I have found a chocolate that is okay to eat without feeling guilt? Introducing Nicobella Organics

Nichole, a registered dietitian/nutritionist is the founder of Nicobella. Her love of chocolate and passion to eat healthy led her on a mission to take the truffle and find a substitute for the cream and sugar that typically make up the traditional creamy ganache filling. After months of experimenting in her kitchen, a line of six vegan dark chocolate truffles emerged!

What is a “healthy” truffle made of you ask? We start with high antioxidant 70% Theo Chocolate (yum!). Instead of using the cream and butter that is traditionally found in the creamy ganache center of traditional truffles, we use oat milk (yes, as in oatmeal that is pressed!) and coconut oil. Then we add superfoods like blueberries, green tea, ginger and pumpkin to make our truffles even healthier.

My first thought when I opened my box of truffles was that they were to pretty to eat! But I quickly consumed my first one, the eager chocolate lover that I am!

The two I have pictured here are my favorites. Pure Cocoa Bliss, a savory yummy dark chocolate that provides a super charged antioxidant ganache with a hint of vanilla that is rich, decadent and melts in your mouth. And melt in my mouth it did!

And Blueberry Almond that is naturally sweet, high antioxidant blueberries combined with dark chocolate create a silky ganache topped with toasted almond making a fruity truffle with a hint of sweet nut. YUM!

Nicobella also makes Munch! This is Mama Munch!

Made with organic, Fair Trade 72% dark chocolate, candied walnuts and toasted flax seeds, which are naturally rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, lignans, antioxidants and fiber. Mama Munch was developed with the special nutritional needs of pregnancy in mind, but can be enjoyed by anyone who would like more Omega 3, fiber and antioxidants in their diet.

Did you know that dark chocolate IS good for you? There is increasing evidence showing the potential benefits of chocolate on blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and dementia. Some studies have shown cocoa to improve skin texture, thickness and hydration.

So there you have it! A little chocolate is definitely good for you, especially when it’s made by Nicobella!

Would you like to WIN a 6-piece assortment box that contains a Blueberry Almond, Ginger Green Tea, Pumpkin Chai, Sunflower Banana Butter, Walnut Flaxseed, and a Pure Cocoa Bliss Truffle?


A bag of Mama Munch! (you lucky ducks!)

Nicobella sent me the 6-piece assortment box for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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