NewTree Organic Soft Belgian Chocolate Waffles

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Are you drooling already just from that title? Organic Soft Belgian Chocolate Waffles.

We’ve talked before how chocolate is healthy for you. I found a wonderful company that really expands on that concept!

Since 2001 we’ve been putting together our passions into our chocolates blending exceptional ingredients with premium chocolate. 100% made in Belgium. 100% Natural.

I first tasted the NewTree SuperFruit bar ~ Pomegranate and Cranberry together in Belgian dark chocolate with grape extracts for more antioxidants. Yum yum yum! Love the slight fruit taste mixed in with my chocolate!

Then I had the Alpha Dark with Grilled Flax Seeds ~ lightly toasted flaxseeds and crunchy crisped rice. Lots of Omega 3 in this one. A must have for those dark chocolate lovers!

You might also want to try Pink Peppercorn, or milk chocolate with Apricot, or even Cinnamon!


Each flavor has it’s own unique goodness ~ so you see we need one of each to get all of our extra vitamins in us! 🙂

A couple of cool things to add about NewTree ~

The packaging is all printed with 100% vegetable derived inks

Each purchase we make a contribution goes to the protection of The Amazon Rainforest


Now what you have been waiting for ~ NewTree.

They are Organic, Fair trade & Eco-friendly and have been created by a Belgian mother of 4 young children. It is intended to eat just like a cookie as the Belgians eat them!

If you love waffles and chocolate then you neeeed to try these cookies!

You can warm them up and make them soft and gooey.

Or eat straight out of box ~ each is individually wrapped which is nice.

A de-lish snack! Or dessert I guess 😉

Organic Soft Belgian Chocolate WafflesWin a box of Organic Soft Belgian Chocolate Waffles


Good Luck!

NewTree sent me chocolate for this review and links are affiliate, but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.