New Interactive Children’s App ~ Little Luna – Big Talent

We love new apps around here. Especially ones that make us giggle!

This week a brand new kids interactive app was introduced ~ Little Luna – Big Talent. It’s aimed for the age range of 3-8 and teaches children a little about bombardier beetles and the importance of individuality through games and activities. Lots of fun little icons to push on the screen.


Do you know what makes bombardier beetles so unique? You might want to google it to get the specifics, but I’ll tell you that Luna’s family shares their special talents: Tooting! YES I am serious! I started chuckling so hard when we started playing the app because with a family of boys (and their instigaor Uncle) this is a topic in our house way too often.

While typically bombardier beetles use tooting as a defense mechanism in the wild, for Luna and her family it is a way to express themselves ~ like practicing toot target-shooting with her dad, doing yoga with her mom, and matching musical melodies with her brothers. You follow along with Luna as she introduces each of her family members and the unique ways in which they utilize their talents! Are you laughing along too? You know you must download to see for yourself!

All silliness aside, the app is really cute and I know that any little one will enjoy the graphics and interactions.


Little Luna – Big Talent is available now for $2.99 at iTunes.

Links to Download the app:




Grab this app! It will be Tootin’ fun! 🙂

I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


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