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New bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper

Are you suprised at what the announcement turned out to be? Are you disappointed? For me the answers are NO and YES. I was betting all my money on an upgrade for the 3.0 but no new bright colors? no patterns? Aren;t we tired of pastels? I love their products which is why I wanted MORE!

The 4.0 is a one size pocket cloth diaper. It fits babies from 8-35+ pounds. The new product features:
Improved Hook & Loop
Snaps which I know many are excited about!
Roomier to accommodate bigger babies
Easy replacable elastic
And colors ok I shouldn’t complain since there are 3 new ones Sweet, Bubble, & Noodle. At least they have cute names!

I had some credit to use at Cotton Babies so I put my pre-order in for a Sweet Hook & Loop. July 14th it will ship so I will let you know what I think. I really like all the bumGenius products so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

UPDATE: I’m always so excited to get fluffy mail! Yesterday I got our new bumGenius 4.0 and lucky for me I was doing a load of diapers so I got to prep it right away!

First of all, I have to admit I was disappointed in the color. From the picture I posted above I choose a light blue color. What I opened was almost white. See for yourself…

I mean that is white, right? If you look in the light you can see a hint of blueish/greenish.

Then I matched up the new 4.0 with the older version 3.0. You can definitely tell the difference in size. I set my grasshopper green on top so you can see. The wings on the new one are about a half an inch longer. And the inserts inside? They look the exact same, you still get two, but they are wider, which I really like!

The Hook & Look? I can’t tell what is different?

I put it to the ulitmate test – the overnight run – and it did great for the eight hours P’Diddy had it on.

Overall, I like it but come on Cotton Babies, we need MORE colors AND prints!!!!

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