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My New Look & Blog Giveaway

Well what do you think? I think that Kim from did an AWESOME job! Poor girl, having to put up with me and my ideas. I have to say though, I just shared with her a few thoughts I had floating around in my head and she put that all together!
To help celebrate my new look we are going to do 3 different giveaways this week! 
Kim is awesome enough to giveaway a combo package for you bloggers!
A grab me button, signature, & numbering of comments. Isn’t that great?!
Kim was nice enough to answer a few questions for me so you could get a chance to know her better.
Tell me about yourself and your family


I’ve been an artist all my life. I’m a single mom with one child. James-Falcon (boy/5months). Born in Miami, Grew up in Ontario, Canada. Now I’m living in the old south. Georgia. I love nature and the outdoors, and being crafty. That’s about it. I’m pretty low-maintenance. Loving being a new mom….the joy, and adventure of that. Not very good about talking about myself. 😕
How did you get started designing blogs?


I got started with digital graphics, designing blogs and websites when I got my first computer. Being an artist, it was natural for me to explore that medium. From doing my own websites; self-taught, little by little. I’m not an expert. I don’t want to be the top of list, or anything. I love the level where I’m working with other moms and WAHMs…helping them out. It’s very rewarding. I like the flexibility of digital graphics, and utilizing as many free programs as possible…like blogger, wordpress, etc. to help moms make a living online/from home. I like helping make that accesible to other moms!
How long does it usually take to redesign a blog?


Depends. Some go really quickly. Blogger is faster, bcuz it’s a little more limited for customization. WordPress is more involved, bcuz it can be made completely from scratch. No more then a week. A few e-commerce shops I’ve done have taken me a month start to finish, but that’s doing all the branding, the website customizations, plus labels, SEO stuff, and a ton of little things. Some of those jobs never seem to end. But right now, turn around for a blog is about 3 days (James permitting) 😉
Are you a Crunchy Mama?
yeah….I helped defined crunchy back in the day, lol. Always been backwoodsy, grassroots, all natural. burks, sprouts, TVP…lol. I was a vegetarian for ten years. Then I moved down south and it was hard to stay crunchy, where everything is deep fried, slathered & smothered. Not as crunchy as I use to be, but I’m working to get back to it. I upcycle and reuse a lot, have a small garden, and shop mostly at goodwill. Ideally I’d just like to go completely off-grid, and move into a little cabin somewhere by a lake. Er, with internet! 😀
What is the best thing about your job?


Kinda covered that above, about helping others bring to life what’s in their minds eye. The ability to set a price that’s affordable to WAHMs and utilize free software, and my talent to help them create a real, professional online presence/business/brand that can compete successfully with the rest of what’s out there. We WAHMs need to stick together!
   Tell me what you think of my new look!


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