My Little Apricot Organic Crocheted Tampons

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Yes you read the title right! My Little Apricot makes handmade tampons that she crochets. Are you intrigued? In her shop today she sells the pattern to DIY crocheted tampons.

Do you know what the best part about being green is? Saving money! One day I’m going to add up how much money I save every month/year on paper products and other necessities I now don’t buy because I use cloth. Actually, what a great post to write, huh? Think about it…never having to buy a box of tampons again. Wow!

How did My Little Apricot even begin to think of a great idea like this? I actually created them original because they were a custom order on Etsy. Then I figured if 1 person were looking for them, others might be, too. No one else really made these kinds, so I figured I’d give it a shot. They are made with cotton yarn, so it’s just as absorbent (if not more) as cotton cloth.

Danielle sent me three crocheted tampons to test out…this is what they looked like when they arrived…

Crocheted Tampons

crocheted tampons

She made me green for regular flow and brown for heavy flow.

These tampons are hand-crocheted with 100% organic cotton yarn – the perfect choice for those with sensitivities to fabrics. The yarn was grown, spun & dyed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard.

To use ~ start at the narrow end and tightly roll. Insert by pushing gently from bottom until it fits in correctly!

crocheted tampons

What I thought about comfort ~ I will admit I was a little nervous. When I use tampons I buy OB no applicators. Very tiny. These were of course bulkier than that, but for the most part fit in nicely. I did have to manuever around until I could get it where I wanted it, but thinking practice will make perfect and remember anything new like this will take a bit of getting used to. Please note ~ I only used these for one cycle on my two heaviest days.

Do they work? ~ I only had a bit of spotting one time and I know it was because I didn’t have it in the best way. I could tell when I was wearing it. So I’m super excited to tell you that they do work! And work well!!

I told Danielle the next time I get some I will have her custom make me some that are a little smaller. I don’t think that I need them to be so bulky/heavy and I don’t mind if I couldn’t wear them as long. She informed me that the Organic yarn is thicker and I might have been happier with the original 100% cotton yarn.

Hear a little bit more about Danielle and what makes her crunchy…I’m 25 year old mama of one 2 year old girl. We try to live crunchy – we co-slept (and sometimes still do) until our daughter was around 18 months (and started kicking us in the throat in the middle of the night). We’re not vegetarians, but we do eat as many organic foods as we can. I breastfed too.

Can you crochet? Danielle will sell you the pattern from her shop too!

Listen to this ~ TRY My Little Apricot’s crocheted tampons for a GREAT price!

crocheted tampons

TWO Winners will win 3 organic cotton yarn tampons!

My Little Apricot sent me tampons for review. I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.

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