My Little Apricot Organic Crocheted Tampons Giveaway Take 2

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VERY Happy to feature Danielle again from Etsy’s My Little Apricot!

Just wrote a whole wonderful post about her in April so please go back to HERE and read it! LOTS of great info that I’m not going to retype so go read read read!


These crocheted tampons are handmade by Danielle’s own pattern that she has perfected. They are made with organic yarn that was grown, spun & dyed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Chemical free!

Can’t say that about disposables can we?

We had a couple winners back in April who have tried out this unique invention. Here is what they had to say!

The regular and mini that she sent, I love! I am surprised by the amount they hold!

These work great!


and another prespective…

I love the tampons, but could not use them. But being a resourceful gal, I use them as scrubbies every night to wash my face. They are a lovely product that has held up well.

Danielle actually sells cute face scrubbies in her shop too!


Also, a BeachBum just ordered from My Little Apricot as an…

option for using when out & about… that’s my only complaint with the Diva Cup is if I happen to be in a public place & need a change it can be a little tricky (if not impossible). The LA tampons I could just switch out and put the used one in a wet bag in my purse – more discreet & less messy.



With three sizes – mini, regular, and heavy, you can find the perfect fit for you or use all three during different days of your cycle. My Little Apricot has trial packs of two in her shop for you to try!

Use Code CRUNCHYBCHMAMA for 20% off anything in her store! Thanks Danielle!!

If you are a tampon girl then I think you will really like these!



WIN 2 organic minis, 2 organic heavy and 3 organic regular!



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