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style="text-align: center;">Laundry is a big chore in my house as I’m sure it is in yours. Five people, plus cloth diapers, leads to almost daily laundry loads. I would like to say that I have a system but I really don’t.
I do try to get my older boy’s clothes done over the weekend. They have certain uniform type clothes they have to wear for school and if I didn’t wash them once a week they wouldn’t get through the next.
As for the rest? When the laundry basket gets full in that room I know it’s time for another load. Or when the diapers have run out, or even worse, start to smell.
I think it would help if I had some more space! My laundry “closet” is in my kitchen and there is no room to hang anything so it all overflows out the door. My poor family is usually jumping over laundry baskets or dodging piles.
I have trained my boys to fold the towels which is a big help! This is the help that P’Diddy gives me.
He takes the clothes out of the basket for me. Even when I’m not ready of course. You will see his favorite toy…the remote control right there with him!
What is your laundry situation like? Do you have good helpers too?


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  • I loathe laundry and wish someone would come up with a way for disposable clothes. In our house we have at least two loads a day. Now I have less since I made a new house rule that my 14 and 16 year old do their own laundry on certain days of the week. That works so much better. And when my ten year old turns into teenage I will teach him how to do his own laundry also.
  • We use STACKING laundry baskets and have them towered in our master bath. The stacking baskets are an awesome space saver for us. We have one basket each for whites, colds, DH's work clothes, baby clothes & blankets, towels, and misc. Except the diapers, which have their own hamper in the laundry/utility/mud room. When a basket is full, it's the next one to go in the wash. Now, folding and putting away, well that's a whole other story!
  • My older boys are 16 and 14 and you'd think that they'd be able to do their own laundry. Think again. They will only do theirs when I tell them to and then it's just into the washer. If I want to do any laundry after they cram their filthy clothes into the washer, I have to finish theirs before I can even think of starting mine. We have 5 people in our family plus cloth diapers, too. Everyone is supposed to do their laudry on a certain day and diapers get done every other. That doesn't happen, either. I've limited the boys to 20 shirts and their pants, but Grandma keeps sending clothes home so every couple months, they have to go through their drawers and pick 20 shirts that they want and the rest go back up to Grandma's. dmwinge(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I love when even the little ones attempt to help. It does make things go a little longer but the smiles that come from it are so worth it!
  • Asher loves to tip the laundry basket over for me. :) yay. I mostly try to do the laundry at night or when he's napping so I can actually GET IT DONE! :) hee hee... but I am SO fortunate to have a basement to stick everything in - I have a rolling cart with 3 canvas bins to organize it all... unfortunately with our bedroom on the SECOND floor this can mean a lot of running up and down! :)P is cute in his romper!!
  • I do occasionally get help. My older 2 DD's are 6 and 7. They'll help me sort their school uniforms from their street clothes and then turn everything right side out...since they can't manage to do that when they remove the clothes.Their uniforms are washed on the weekends for the next week's school. The street clothes get done on the weekend if there's time (after everyone else's is done). The baby's clothes and diaper loads get done at some point during the week. DH and I get ours washed usually late on Sunday...just in time to get Monday's clothes in the dryer alone to dry quick then everything else to dry overnight.Jeez...sorry for the novel!

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