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I love planning my Christmas cards. From making my address list, to creating the card, to buying the holiday stamps. Some years I make my own from scratch with my scrapbook and stamp materials. Other years I buy them from my favorite card store Hallmark. This year I made it easy on myself and created them all online from
They have TONS of Holiday Cards to choose from! TONS I tell you! Choose from Christmas Greeting Cards, Christmas Postcards, Funny Christmas Cards, Business Christmas Cards, News Years, Winter Holiday and even Invitations & Gift Tags! Or choose what I did ~ Photo Cards!
I had a lot of fun picking out the perfect card for us. There may have been too many! I was to the point where I said eeny meany miny mo because I could have stayed all night on this site. But lots of choices is a good thing right?
Once I choose the card I wanted it was easy to add my photo, edit the text, and preview my card. It all went very smoothly! A couple of features I loved ~ First, they asked me if I wanted my return address printed on the envelope. Of course I did! Second, did I want them to add stamps and have them mail my cards for me? Oh, I thought hard about this option, but choose against it this time because I didn’t officially have my whole list together. Both of these options they do for FREE (well $.44 for the stamps you know).
 The cards came in just a few days! But there was a printing glitch and the exact design wasn’t printed on the cards. I called the 800 number and talked to a representative who apologized and got it straightened out. My new cards were here just a few days later with a discounted price so I’m not one to complain. This glitch won’t stop me from ordering again. I really like this store. And I’m going to need some Thank You cards ~ What do you think?
Have you bought your Holiday Cards yet? gave me $25 to spend at their store for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.

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  • LOVE your Thank you card - that is PERFECT for Crunchy Beach Mama! Sounds like a great company - esp how they handled the error!Makes me wish I just did photo cards this year. But I think I will make my cards this year as usual - I came up with a super easy design (i mean totally boring but easy!)...

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