My Baby Turned 3!


sniff sniff. I didn’t want to put him to bed the night before as when we woke up my toddler would be gone.

He is my baby, but such a big boy.

He is an Amazing little athlete. He makes every hoop, he hits or catches every ball thrown to him, and dribbles a basketball better than a child double his age. He gets compliments everywhere we go. This summer I’m going to attempt to teach him a 2 wheeler bike, skipping the training wheels. I think he’ll be able to do it!

He is my exercise buddy. We have walked and ran a hundred loops around our block. Even when it’s chilly! He is the leader and points the way to go. At Halloween he enjoyed the pumpkins and at Christmas all the decorations. We need a new holiday as the yards are boring these days!

At home he gets right on the ground and does burpees with me. Most of the time better than I do!

This year when we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said Cake. What kind of cake? Sprinkles! We made it together the day of his birthday and I don’t know what he liked better ~ putting the sprinkles on or eating the batter!

When it was time to blow out the candles he did it superbly and wondered why there wasn’t more candles to blow out!

My little man. Even he’ll tell you how super duper cute he is (his words!) 🙂


Not only did we have a fun birthday week, but the Fairy Hobmother visited us and is surprising us with another gift.

We just have to tell you about the fairies tumble dryers. A topic we’ve actually talked about these last few months. Remember my helper?

oh P’Diddy. Don’t ever change!


We received a gift card in exchange for the link. All opinions and stories are my own.


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  • I love that he picked such a simple and fun birthday cake. One year one of my son's just wanted something like candy and marshmallows. It wasn't pretty, but it was exactly what he wanted.
  • Adorable! Happy Birthday to your babe! :) I'm stopping by to Congratulate you on being chosen as one of the Shaklee 180 Bloggers! I can't wait to follow you on this journey! I was one of the bloggers chosen last year and I have had great success while on the program, and I know you will too! :)
  • first HAPPY BIRTHDAY P!! (again) Wow he is so athletic! A is not like that at all - I think sadly he inherited my non coordinated side. And, the night before his bday I am going to be a mess too. I LOVED the two year old phase - really did... as we move into "three" I can see him being so much more independent - it's good too but... I will miss my baby!!

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