Mother’s Day Idea ~ Shop at UnCommon Goods {$50 Giveaway}

Love this store. You will find a million things your mom will love! Try not to get caught up in what YOU want too! hee hee.

Finding gifts for parents is always hard. I struggle every holiday. Today I want to show you a few awesome, unique, & green gifts that I think any mother would enjoy…all from Uncommon Goods.

Ok, I will admit that this first one may be more for the kiddos. When is Kid’s Day, my children always ask. Everyday is Kid’s Day, I reply! (did your parents say that to you?)

ms. food face plate. My boys are happy as I’m allowing them to play with their food. Who knew we could play dress up at mealtime? Even I joined in the fun and it led to a lot of giggling and teamwork to find create our Ms. Food Face.



Protect Our Wildlife Glasses. Made from the bottom section of reclaimed wine glasses, these are part of the Protect our World Series. I chose endangered animals because the sea turtle was calling to me.

Each glass is screen-printed in an eco-friendly manner and made locally in the state of Wisconsin where each is one of a kind. They feature the phrase Protect Our Wildlife in four different languages.

They are the perfect juice glass for me and I love what they support!

Be sure to check them all out ~ water, earth, & air.


Does your mom love the wildlife? Check out the plant gifts here ~ garden markers. They made me chuckle.


Fish in the Garden? yep!

Ladybug Castle ~ adorable!

Lots of gifts for gardners at Uncommon Goods…these are ALL handmade too!


What will you find for your Mother? Or for yourself? You deserve it!

WIN $50 to Uncommon Goods

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Good Luck!

I received those items for review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. This giveaway will end on April 30, 2012 at midnight EST. Winners will be drawn via rafflecopter. Once a winner is drawn I will contact them and they will have 48 hours to reply before I draw a new winner. Giveaway is open to anyone in the US and you must be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway not affiliated with Facebook & I release them of liability. Winner will be posted in the rafflecopter widget.


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  • My mom is not hard to buy for. She loves pictures of her grandchildren, so I get the kids pictures taken each year both as individuals and as a group. Every other summer my husband and I join in the group photo.
  • I love their selection! It is indeed hard to buy something for my mother.. I think Uncommon Goods can help. :) Thanks!
  • Yes, my mom seems to have everything but I think Uncommon Goods would have some really great options for her :)
  • If I start thinking ahead, she's easy to buy for. I already ordered her gift via Etsy for this year. But I always love the fun things in Uncommon Goods. I usually want at least 1 thing on each page of the catalog
  • Yes I would love to select something for Uncommon Goods anyone could find something for their mom.
  • I'm the grandma now, and I'm so easy to buy for! But for Mother's Day, I'd choose something for my fabulous daughtr-in-law--who is also fairly easy to buy for (because I ask outright!)
  • My mother has EVERYTHING. I love finding her quirky gifts - Uncommon Goods will definately make her smile!
  • They really do have some great gifts. I don't think it would be hard to find something for just about any Mom's personality!
  • she is! she's trying to push stuff back onto me so i have to find something really unique and uncommon that she'd enjoy
  • my mom is not difficult to shop, what is difficult is getting her something that can measure up,to how much she luvs me and does for me
  • My mom is hard to shop for, sort of. But she likes unusual things so I'm sure I could find something for her at Uncommon goods!
  • My mom has always loved shopping so I usually give her gift cards. So if Uncommon Goods had GC that's what I'd do. But she isn't picky. She also loves whatever we buy her. Thanks!
  • Mom is easy to buy for because we have the same tastes. If I like it, I know she'll like it also. Lucky me!
  • My mother is very discerning, but I immediately saw the "Seven Sisters Necklace" on UG, and I believe she would really enjoy that piece.
  • No, Mom's easy to buy for... she loves everything! Uncommon Goods is the perfect place to shop for her :) And thanks for the chance to win!
  • My mom isn't hard to buy for, but I do like to buy her something extraordinary, so Uncommon Goods would help. Thank for this giveaway.
  • My mom seems to love everything my sister and I buy her, but I think she's like some of the jewelry from Uncommon Goods!
  • My mom isn't super hard to shop for, but I do try to find her unique and fun gifts. Or stuff I'll know she'll use. Uncommon Goods has the best stuff! So I know they could help me out.
  • My mom is deceased. But when she was alive she was very easy to buy for! She was happy about life! Everything, pretty much everything, made her happy.
  • My Mom is so laid back, she's usually happy with any gesture -- which in my opinion makes it very hard to shop for her :) This would provide a chance for something unique and novel.
  • My mother passed away seven years ago. She was kind of hard to buy for but I am sure I could have found the perfect gift at Uncommon Goods.
  • My mother passed away but she was difficult to buy for. I usually got her gifts from the heart like portraits of my daughter or a scrapbook. Things you couldn't really buy :)
  • Yes, my Mom is hard to buy for. I try to stay away from getting her clothes because she never seems to like what i buy. I think Uncommon goods could help. They have a lot of unique home items.
  • I love the micro greens kit! gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Oh my gosh I found so many things at Uncommon Goods that I know mymom would just love--great things there!
  • I always try to find something that is unique, which gets more difficult every year. I definitely think Uncommon Goods would be a great solution!
  • My mom passed away last year but she was fun to shop for. She would appreciate anything anyone bought for her...whether she really like it or not! :)
  • My mom is easy to shop for. I know her very well and she's very sentimental. She is like me in that we'd both rather have a simple gift that says "I know you" than something extravagant. This past winter holiday I did all my shopping on Uncommon Goods (seriously!) and I got my mom the Herbal Wrap in the burgundy color and the Cake Knife. She loooooved the Herbal Wrap so I'm going to get her the matching slippers for Mother's Day, I think.
  • Unfortunately my mom has passed, but my step-mom is really hard to buy for. This would be perfect!
  • My mother is SOOO hard to buy for. She loves unique things so this website would be a great helper.
  • My mother in law is incredibly hard to buy for, she is an artist, so Uncommon Goods is a great place to start.
  • My mother is hard to buy for...but I saw a few things that would be wonderful gifts at Uncommon Goods. Very neat and unique things!
  • My mom is definitely hard to shop for...anything she wants she has basically. This would be a cool place to find something for her.
  • My Mom is very grateful for any gift she receives, it is hard for me to find one that I think lives up to the amazing woman she is though! I do love uncommon goods unique and eclectic selection though!
  • I have not had the option to buy any presents for my mother since I was a teenager but I do remember how difficult it was on very limited resources to find anything
  • My mother is pretty easy to buy for, she loves jewelry and bath/body stuff so it always manages to work out!
  • She's fairly easy, but I end up getting her the same type of stuff. She loves it, but I wish I could find a variety. Uncommon Goods would help. Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<
  • My mother is the worst to buy for!! She will tell you what she likes then complain about it after.. it cannot be anything to work with.. cannot plug in,, cannot be bright or girlie colors so on and so forth.. I stick with giftcards so she can pick out her own gift.. although at times she complains about where its at (like too expensive of a store.. or a store she dont know etc) .. she still will spend it hahah :) Unfortunately uncommon goods is NOT an option for her.. but for me OH YES PLEASE!! :)
  • My mother is actually pretty easy to shop, she has her very own sense of taste and I know exactly what she likes - and she would LOVE this! :)
  • My mother is actually very simple to buy for. All I have to do is follow my heart. Works every time.
  • My mother is not usually hard to buy for but Uncommon Goods has so many great ideas. reejen at comcast dot net
  • My mom is impossible to buy for! I buy her gifts that I think are great and she never uses them. She reads about 4 books a week and always complains about carrying them around, so I got her a kindle for Christmas. I asked yesterday if she uses it and she said she did, but then the battery ran out and she keeps forgetting to charge it. I will let her pick something out if I win! Thank you for the chance to win!
  • My mother is easy to buy for! That doesn't mean that Uncommon Goods won't have something nifty that she would like!
  • My mother is extremely hard to buy for, mostly because she ends up giving away everything anyone buys her! I think I could find something she'd really like on Uncommon Goods!
  • Well my mama wasn't hard to buy for, she loved everything my brothers and I did for her on Mothers Day. Sadly, my mom passed away on July 16, 1992. I was only 23 when she went to heaven. Anyway, Happy Mothers Day everyone!
  • Yes, she hates for us to spend money on her which makes it hard to give her a present. This would help.
  • my mom is hard to buy for because she has everything she wants but uncommon goods has some great and unusual things and i am sure i could find something there for her - thanks for the giveaway! marygardner49 at aol dot com
  • My mother is extremely hard to buy for, but Uncommon Goods has so many choices, that's this year it would be a breez
  • My mom is not hard to buy for, but Uncommon Goods could help me get her something totally unexpected, and that would be neat.
  • I lost my mom two weeks before Christmas but I love shopping for my mother-in-law who is challenging but loves what I buy. lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com
  • My mom is very hard to buy for so I could definately find something on uncommon goods! jessicaahays at hotmail dot com
  • I see dozens of items that my Mom would love (at Uncommon Goods) - one would be one the Micro-Greens Kits another would be one of the window Hummingbird Feeders!

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