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Mom Corps YOU helps with Flexibility in the Work Force

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Mom Corps YOU. I received a free trial to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

One thing that moms need in their life is flexibility. That is the number a reason many of us don’t go back to work, right? How are we supposed to get the kids off to school, pick them up, run them to 5:00 practice, plus help with homework and other projects when we have a job that takes away our time and energy. It’s hard.

I had the best job when I worked. What made it so awesome? It was flexible and worked with my schedule. How can you get the same? Mom Corps YOU offers some advise in their article How to Get a Flexible Work Arrangement.

Define What You Want. Do you need less hours? Thinking of telecommunicating? Want no travel? Is this a permanet idea or just for a set duration? These are questions to think about first.

Write and Present a Proposal. Outline the following categories – job duties and performance, how will you communicate, your proposed schedule, and how will it affect your pay.

Trial and Tweak. Have a three month trial period then sit down with your employer and talk about what worked and what you could change a bit.

Be Flexible and Realistic. “For a flexible work arrangement to be successful, you must flex to flex.” You must be able to adapt and adjust. There might be a meeting on a day you worked from home, but seeing your positive effort to attend anyway is going to show your employers you can make your new schedule work. A win win for everyone in the long run.

Of course the article went into a lot more depth and I just briefly summed it up, but I think it’s a good one that many moms can think about and implement.


When you sign up for Mom Corps You, you’ll have access to articles this this one and live webinars with tons of tips of the trade on how to help get back into the work force. There is even a live chat with career counselors and discussion forums to chat with other moms just like you!

 Mom Corps YOU,  a great online community to help professionals better integrate their professional and personal lives.

Mom Corps

Available via an online subscription for an introductory annual price of $99.99 (regularly $149.99) or $19.99 a month.

Have you thought about how to have a flexible career?

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  • I like the trial and tweak - it's good to go in with the plan to revisit your schedule after a bit - then the employer won't be blindsided if you come asking for a change and you won't be nervous to approach them.

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