Moe’s Southwest Grill Holiday Catering & Gift Card Promotion

You know that I’m on Moe’s Blogger Advisory Council and let me tell you that I have loved showing them off these last few months. Our list of restaurants that we will eat out at has slowly diminished over the years for health reasons, but we never blink an eye when it comes to Moe’s. So many reasons to keep us going back!

Since we’re all about the holidays around here lately (of course!) I wanted to share with you their holiday promotions.

Did you know that Moe’s does catering?

Last weekend Hubby put together a Community Appreciation Day at his chiropractic office. He invited his patients to come in for a Free Adjustment, but in turn they had to bring in an item to donate to our local Orphan Relief.

He wanted to have a table of food. In the past we’ve had fruits, cookies, that kind of thing. This year, I didn’t want to think about it at all and decided to let Moe’s cater for us. It was the best decision!

I knew I wanted something easy. People would be in and out and standing up for the most part. The local cater department suggested I do mini burritos. They come all put together and wrapped individually in foil. Perfect!

Chips, Salsa, Plates, Napkins, and Silverware was included. I didn’t have to think about a thing.

They went above and beyond for what we expected. They came in and set it all up at 10:00am in the morning. We had sweet tea (a must here in the south!), queso (so yum!), and all different kinds of salsa laid out and ready to go.

There was both chicken and ground beef burritos. Vegetarian was an option too.

We had soooo many compliments on the food!

Plus he collected a big amount for the Orphan Relief. A great day!

Check out Moe’s Catering ~ taco bar, fajitas, and even a full salad bar.


It is also that time of year to shop Gift Cards.

When you purchase $25 worth, you will receive another $5 in Moe’s Bucks for yourself.


Check out Moe’s Gift Cards online ~ you can customize your own card with images and text. Very fun!

Have you visited your local Moe’s Southwest Grill lately?

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