Moe’s Southwest Grill Giveaway


‘Welcome to Moes!’ are the first words we hear shouted out when we open the door and walk into Moe’s Southwest Grill. Every worker has an extra eye on the door to give us a greeting, even if they are making some one’s else burrito at the same time. We feel so special!

For my busy loud family, I love the concept of Moes and the way it is laid out. Walk in, order at the counter and watch them make your food in an assembly line (like Subway), pay instantly, pour your own drinks, leave without tipping. This is my kind of restaurant. What makes it even more perfect for me? Mexican! My favorite!

They also have the best names for their meals ~ Hubby orders Billy Barou (nachos), I usually get Homewrecker (burrito), and the kids love Power Wagons (tacos). Makes it fun to order that way!

It makes me feel good to eat at Moes because their food is not made with transfat or MSG. They make everything fresh with no freezers or microwaves.

A few months ago Moes redesigned their menu to feature a new food mission wheel that “steers” us in the right direction for healthy food options…

Hormone free, cage free chickens,  grass fed steak, grain fed pork & organic tofu

Many veggies are organic & locally produced

Over 20 items are gluten-free

Vegetarians are VIP ~ join Moes for Meatless Mondays (a trend started by Oprah)

Choose tasty meals for under 400 calories if you want!

I brought my mom to try out Moes for the first time when she was in town. The kids were excited to bring her because they love our Moes. It has two floors and they think that is the neatest thing. Plus they have fun ordering their tacos made especially for them.

I do have to admit that our family are chip-a-holics and we love love their Free Chips & Salsa bar! Choose whatever salsas you want and you can go back for more! YUM!

Have I made you hungry yet?

WIN a $25 GC and take the family to Moe’s Southwest Grill!

Good Luck!

Moes sent me a giftcard for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.

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