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Meet HelloCoin ~ a Social Platform for Sharing Online Shopping


Meet HelloCoin.

The only place you want to visit before shopping online.

Why you ask?

We are online mamas. We blog, we enter giveaways, we live on Facebook and Twitter. I KNOW that means you also do as much online shopping as you possible can. Who wants to take the kids out? Not me!

Now when we find something cool – what is our first thought? My newest idea is to take a photo and Instagram it out! Or maybe I’ll do a share on my social media networks and tweet to everyone I’m at Target in the toy dept. That is harder to do when shopping online.

Wonder if you could do it all in one place? Shop, Share, Save, & maybe even make new Friends. oh, and Earn HelloCoin Cash! yep!

Let’s see how it works.

I signed up with my name, email, and password. Easy enough. It brings me to my Profile page which shows everything I will need to begin my adventure into shopping, saving, sharing, and earning! There is even a beginning Tour that explains all aspects of HelloCoin.

I’m ready to begin. I do have a store in mind to Search, but if I knew I wanted to buy a Computer and just wanted to search ALL coupons/stores, then I could use the handy dandy categories on the side of the page.

Today I’m looking to browse PacSun coupons. I hope there are some good ones!

It brought up 9 sales and 4 coupons. I can choose to Follow the store and be updated when new promotions come in.

love how it brought up this pop-up to confirm with me

I clicked into the store and found the cutest sandals…of course…like I need more of those! I added them to my HelloCoin Wishlist which I think is a GREAT feature – a Wishlist for ALL stores in one place? I can then share it with my Community/Friends if I want.

Wow this is fun!

Ok, one more feature I want to chat about. A very important one I think – HelloCoin Cash.

HelloCoin Cash are virtual credits – like points – you earn to be able to purchase gift cards, ipads, Kindle, etc. by cashing in your credits. You can earn them two different ways.

First way is easy. Shop. We know how to do that! Every time you visit online store by clicking a link on HelloCoin, , it automatically activates HelloCoin Cash earnings for you. Now note, not every store participates with HelloCoin cash so just double check they do, but you will always earn savings from the coupon codes no matter what!

Second way can be a big money maker. Or should I say, HelloCoin Cash maker. Submit a coupon code of your own that is not already listed on the site and every person who shops with that code, you will earn 50% of HelloCoin Cash. Wow!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to find a brand new website that is FuN with all of my favorite things to do – Shop, Share, & Earn. What more could a girl ask for?

Check out the coupon codes at HelloCoin and let me know what you think!


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