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When I first started this crunchy mama series the first person I thought of to tell her story was Kelli! You will love hearing about her crunchiness, her unschooling (have you heard of that before?!), and how much cloth she uses in her home. Enjoy reading!

Kelli’s TreeHuggin’ Kids

Hi! My name is Kelli, and I came to be a Crunchy Mama by the route many mamas start on… cloth diapers. My MIL used cloth on her youngest who is 19 months older than my first child and even though I spent plenty of time watching her use cloth, wash cloth, fold cloth, etc, the idea of using cloth myself never occurred to me. When my daughter was around a year old my wonderful MIL gifted me part of her stash: lots of premium bleached cotton prefolds, several Bummi’s Super Whisper Wraps, and lots of FuzziBunz pockets. I started tentatively, using one a day and very quickly discovered how EASY and AWESOME cloth was and went full time within a few weeks. Not having to buy disposable dipes was incredible! Shortly after this epiphany I had another… if cloth was good enough for my baby, why wasn’t I using it, too? So I dragged out my mom’s old sewing machine and using an old towel and some old flannel receiving blankets I made myself a stash of cloth pads. That was over 8 years ago and I’m still using the SAME pads now. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money and trash I’ve saved!

Things snowballed from there and have affected every aspect of my life. I was already pretty good at listening to my instincts as far as mutually-respectful weaning (DD at 2.5, DS at 3), sleep-sharing (DD in our bed until 4, in our room until 5, DS in our bed until 2.5, in our room still at 4), vaccinating (stopped with DD at 18 months, DS has never had any), circumcising (neither of my children are or will be unless by their own adult choice), We do as many home and natural remedies as possible. (DS has never been to a Dr after leaving the hospital when he was born and the rest of us haven’t been in for years and years.) Unschooling*, and just general gentle, responsible, present parenting.

The ‘cloth revolution’ brought many other instinctive aspects to my life: removing chemicals from my home, no store-bought cleaners (vinegar, baking soda, steam only),reducing disposable products, eating locally and organically, recycling, and pursuing natural remedies. There are still things I’m working on, but in general I’m very happy with how my family is living.

Some of our other cloth/reusable items include family cloth, cloth shower curtain, unpaper towels, kitchen cloth, cloth bowl covers, cloth sandwich wraps, cloth snack bags, glass/metal straws, stainless steel water bottles, cloth “Swiffer” dusters, cloth gift bags, cloth grocery bags, cloth produce bags, steam mop, silicone baking mats, wool dryer balls, and dryer sachets. My ‘Love of Cloth’ photos can be seen here:

(It is AWESOME!! ~ CBM)

My passion for reusable products is what prompted me to begin making T/L/C’s. They are so versatile and handy and I love using them myself. I’ve been able to get rid of most all plastic containers, saving not only the health of my home but money and time as well! I love putting them together knowing that my small effort will keep at least a little plastic wrap or tinfoil out of landfills.
Don’t forget to enter Kelli’s Rebel T/L/C giveaway of 2 lids and a sandwich wrap HERE!
*the concept of unschooling was brand new to me so Kelli explained. Unschooling is helping a child to learn with no limits, guidelines, or restrictions. No formal lessons, no homework, no nothing… unless they choose to. As unschooling parents we strew our children’s paths with interesting things, ideas, and opportunities, helping them find resources to learn more of what they desire and leaving the things that hold no interest for them for when they mature into needing/wanting them. We learn from life every moment of every day.

How can you not love the way she operates? 🙂

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