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Mamas Get Your Smartphone Back! The MG Android Device is Here!

See this guy? He was a phone stealer. Whenever I couldn’t find my phone, I would just find him and he would be playing on it.

No longer! The MG is here!

It is the first portable wi-fi gaming app system for Android ~ it does everything my phone does but talk ~ with NO monthly fees.

We were all excited to dig in and see all that it could do. Let me tell you about the features…

It comes with many pre-loaded apps for EA Sports & Com2US, but don’t stop there. You are able to download any app from Google Play. My kids love downloading apps! I have to keep my phone password protected though or they will go overboard and charge up my account.

Now we can organize the spending together with the reloadable prepaid SpendSmart Mastercard. When you add your first $10 on to it, another $10 will be matched for $20 of spending. This teaches them responsibility and the value of money (and they don’t have to yell ‘Mom can I get this app’ all the time!). If we sign up for this card they will be using their own money…and when it’s gone, its gone. Or they can choose to add more money.

The parents are always in control, even on a device for the kids. I like that I can monitor their activity and receive email updates on what they are doing. Sooo nice.

It also has internet access, a built-in camera, and Netflix. Services we use all the time!

It really does have it all!

What kid wouldn’t want this sleek, modern, device?

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The MG is brand new on the market. Available for a limited time for $149.99.

Check out at and Amazon

 Does it look cool to you? 🙂

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I was sent an MG for review and opinions saying we love it are our own and true!


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