Mama Chat

I am having a crazy week and behind in my postings. I came up with Mama Chats so that even if I get behind I can made a few comments and you will know I am still here and what I am thinking.
I’ve added another child to my household this week. I’m watching two sisters when school starts next week and we’re getting a head start. Wow is it different having girls. The shrieks! 
I’d also like to keep chatting about my no sleeping baby. But we’ll probably have to leave that for another day.
Kim from www.mycraftymom.net is busy working on my bloglift. Hope I’m not driving her to crazy with my ideas! 🙂
I’ve also been job searching. Would love to find something to do by telecommuting. Wish me luck!

Ok, loud children. Signing off.


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  • Hi,I am visiting from Mom Reviews 4 You Blog Hop. I am already following you :) Just thought I would say "Hi"Annahttp://thebabystoreplus.blogspot.com
  • hee hee - cute mama chat - love it! :) I know that feeling when you're in the middle of blogging and the baby wakes up! I sometimes tutor online through tutor.com - the pay isn't super great but the hours are flexible. (you can either schedule your own or just "float" in when you have time)If you sign up, just tell them that Julie Kieras referred you b/c I get a bonus! :)

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