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Lyndsay with Ruby Moon Laundry Detergent

I was ready for a new detergent. If you’re like me, you have to mix things up a bit, change things around. Out with the old and in with the new. That is why I was happy to have found Lyndsay and Ruby Moon. Another crunchy mama that I could support. And she just doesn’t market and have products for cloth diaper mamas, but to EVERYONE!

Read Lyndsay’s story on how she got started…”I couldn’t find ANYTHING in the grocery store that didn’t cause my diapers to leak or (unbelievably) stink even worse!  Not to mention the negative ecological impact all those chemicals had on our environment! SO, as we all do I went online to purchase the premier cloth diaper detergent.  I was so excited to use their products! Until,that is, I read the ingredients. Half of the label was vague, industrial, chemical sounding words that frankly- sounded just like the detergent I was running away from.  When I contacted the companies, they refused to tell me what exactly was in their products.  I am all for protecting your product’s formula- but this is my baby! What touches her more than her cloth diaper! I needed to know what was in the product I was buying.  I was at an impasse.  I had REALLY stinky diapers and a baby whose skin was not too happy about the detergent we were using.  I had a decision to make: Give up cloth diapering or make my own detergent.  I chose the latter.  After months of research and lots of laundry, I came up with a concoction that is safe for my babies tender skin, safe for my cloth diapers, and ecologically friendly.  I began sharing the detergents with friends, family, and other cloth diapering Mamas. They all raved about how clean their diapers and clothes were and encouraged me to go into business.  Opportunity knocks only so many times before it moves on to someone who will listen, so I decided to listen to all my laundry detergent lovers.  With the help of my family and tester/snuggler extraordinaire, Ruby Grace, Ruby Moon Natural Laundry was born”

What I liked about Ruby Moon before I even tried the detergent was…

1) Her prices! $10.00 – $11.50 depending on which detergent and scent you choose.

2) She has two types of detergent – one for cloth diapers and the other made with soap.

3) Scents are made from essential oils and fragrances that are phthalate free!

4) I can use her Pail Powder for a deodorizer – clean carpets, shoe odor, whatever I want!

5) She makes Wipe Bits out of goat’s milk!

Lyndsay let me pick a scent to try. It was a hard decision….sweet clementine or lavender or…..I chose warm vanilla sugar. I don’t think a detergent should even sound that good! But it didn’t just sound good….it smelled soooo wonderful.

I was excited and a little nervous to try it. My diapers had never had another detergent used on them before, but if my diapers could talk I know they were telling me to try something new. They were starting to stink a bit more and leaving my dryer a bit smelly. They wanted a change.

They came out of the wash with smiles. A fresh clean scent. I’ve only used Ruby Moon for a few loads (and I use it on ALL my loads, not just diapers) so I haven’t seen the long term effects yet but I am looking forward to cleaner, brighter laundry that is SAFE for all of us.

And the wipe bits I got to try too? Loooovvveeee them. They make diaper time so much nicer with their white tea and ginger scent. I don’t know how the rest of you do your wipes but I use a warmer so when I need a wipe or even just a moisturizing washcloth, I can easily grab one that is all ready for me.

WIN a $10 GC from Ruby Moon to buy a bag of detergent or whatever else you want to try!



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