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I came across the cutest little shop the other day as I was Etsy snooping. That site is so dangerous! I came across these rattle giraffes that I instantly clicked and into Lil Boppers I went.

Oh P’Diddy would have so much fun with this stuff I thought! Then what caught my eye was something I knew he would love the most…a crinkle toy! I contacted Lisa and she was kind enough to send him one! It was so funny because on the day we received our new toy he was trying to play with paper which I constantly have to keep away from him. He loves the noise it makes! Our package arrived and out of his hand I took the paper and into it, his new crinkle square. He gave me that look that said, “Aren’t going to take this away from me?” And into his mouth it went. A win win for both of us!


We love the minky feel!
Another item I ordered was for my older boys. I couldn’t leave them out right? Lisa makes Boo Boo Packs that you can keep in the freezer to make cold or put them briefly in the micro to keep warm. Perfect! And she makes pirates! Argh! O’Bear fell down the next day and ran straight for the freezer where I was storing our Pack. And C’Man came home from football practice and wanted me to warm it up for his aching back (or maybe his pretend aching back?! hee hee).
Let’s hear a little bit more about Lisa ~
I am originally from Pennsylvania & am an avid Philly sports fan.  I have 4 grown children & 2 granddaughters Emma who’s 10 & Kenley who’s almost 2. My love of sewing stems back from when my Grandma taught me on her old Singer push pedal machine.  I enjoyed spending the time with her & learned so much!
How did you get started?
When Kenley was born her mom asked me if I could make a few burp cloths because the ones from the stores weren’t absorbent enough. Her friends asked where she got them & that’s how Lil Boppers was born!  As the baby has grown her needs changed from burpies to bibs & now toys.  My business has grown right along with her!
Are you a crunchy mama?
I guess your definition of a Crunchy Mama would not hold true to me since I am not a vegetarian. I love my Filet Mignon!
That’s ok Lisa, I’m not a vegetarian either! 🙂

She makes lots of neat items. Here are a couple more I want to show off to you!

Isn’t everything just the cutest? Lisa is so kind and wants to give you the chance to visit her shop and win either a Boo Boo Pack or a Crinkle Toy. You get to choose! To enter – click into Lil Boppers and tell us what your favorite item is. Comment your answer below. You must also be a BeachBum follower to win which is on the right sidebar.


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