Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops

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oh mama’s I am soooooo excited about today’s feature!! My fingers are just flying over the keyboard because they can’t wait to show you these awesome Switch Flops flip flops. They are a must have in any wardrobe!

Have you heard of Lindsay Phillip‘s Switch Flops? It’s the newest, coolest flip flop around! Really!

Switch Flops

Pick out the style of shoe you want ~ then buy endless colorful straps to accessorize!

Each strap fastens on by easy hook & loop ~ change your look in seconds!

I told you it was cool!

I am the flip flop queen. I wear them ten months out of the year. Now to have one pair that I can wear with many outfits is absolutely fabulous. Each strap has it’s own style.

Plain colors or bold. Check. Bright & Cheerful. Definitely. Need dressy? Got that too!

Switch Flops

Courtney, my new best friend (well duh she has an awesome name), sent me the Lulu flops in Brown.

Of course I got a variety of straps too!!

Hubby will attest to the fact that I can’t leave the house without the right colored strap to match my outfit. Then when I’m out and about I show them off! Well, wouldn’t you?

My pink/orange Saige strap
My blue/green Melissa strap

Now if you want even more variety check out the Snap Shoes too!

Instead of interchanging the strap ~ you snap on a button!

Were these made for me or what?

If you can’t tell I am SUPER excited to give these away!

I wish I could have you all win!!

Switch Flops

Win the Lulu Switch Flops & 2 extra straps

All colors will be a surprise in your size!

Good Luck!

Lindsay Phillips sent me SwitchFlops for this review and links are affiliate, but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.