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Justin Bieber, my boys, & I

I can’t remember the last time I went to the movie theater. Sometime before baby was born so over a year ago. I was excited to get out of the house, even if it was to just see Justin Bieber on the big screen.

I have to admit I did not know much about him. I knew he was a young singer and that my boys wanted to go. That was good enough for me. An afternoon with my big boys was all I needed.

We put baby down for a nap with Hubby and headed to the theater. On our way there we asked ourselves. When was the last time the three of us did something together? We couldn’t remember. It was very weird not having P’Diddy with us. Even O’Bear admitted he almost started playing peek-a-boo with him in the carseat before he realized he wasn’t there!

We arrived early not knowing what the crowds would be like and were pleasantly surprised there was no hassle at all. There was a more expensive 3D verizon going around the same and maybe more people chose to go to that.

After the fun previews (did you know there was going to be a Smurfs movie?!) the movie began about Bieber as a child. Real home movie clips and pictures. It was going to be a documentary. A story on how his fame began. I was looking forward to to it.

As a young kid he fell in love with music. It started out with drums he could bang around, but he liked to sing too. He hung out with a group of adult musicians who would teach him some chords on the guitar and a few notes to play. For fun, he began recording himself on YouTube, and this is where it all began. The right person found him at age 12, invested in him, and with lots of hard work from many people, his stardom emerged.

The big goal in the music world is to have a sell-out concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC which he did in only about a year and a half after his singing career started. Unheard of! The base of the movie was about this concert which happened at the age of 16, showing many song clips, background happenings, fans screaming, & how Bieber reacts to it all. In between songs we would travel back in time on how that day even became possible for him.

I enjoyed the movie. As a mom, I think wow, I’m so proud of him and what he has accomplished at such a young age. I hope he keeps his feet on the ground and gets to live a life as normally as possible. He seems to have a good support system and I will definitely be keeping my eye on him.

In conclusion, it is a good family movie rated G. There was even a 3 or 4 year old sitting next to us who would be dancing in the aisles during all the songs. It was cute!

Price of the movie $21 ~ Bucket of popcorn $5 ~ Time with my boys is Priceless!

What fun and special things do you do with your kids? Do you think you will watch Justin Bieber’s new movie Never Say Never?

I was compensated by Collective Bias, but all opinions are my own.



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  • Glad you had a fun day out with the boys. I will probably never see it. My kids are too young to know who he is and I *blush* do not even know one of his songs. I have to admit I chuckled learning that this type of movie would be in 3d. I guess I do not see the point of a 3d biography lol. We went to see Roller Derby this weekend with the kiddos. They had a blast. It is far more family friendly than any other sports event I have been too.
  • I love a good rise to the top story too, and so proud that he's Canadian. it's not easy for a Canadian kid to do that!
  • I will probably catch his movie on DVD b/c I am very curious to see how he became famous so fast - it does seem pretty amazing to me!!! Sounds like you had fun. I felt the same weirdness the other night when hubby & I went out for the FIRST TIME without the baby. I kept thinkng I had forgotten him in the car while we were in the restaurant! :)
  • so glad to see boys going to see the movie. there always seems to be this thing about only girls having to like JB, but after seeing the movie I hope more boys will become fans. The 3D version was awesome, it was like he was reaching out to you. lol

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