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Julie with Caboose Cloth ~ Custom Wipes

I am very excited to announce the opening of a new Etsy store that makes custom wipes!
Caboose Cloth! Don’t you love the name and slogan?
This store was opened my bbf (best blogger friend) Julie from A Year with Mom and Dad.
“I grew up with a mother who taught “home ec,” so I was taught to sew at a young age. I mostly like to sew quilts. But when I started cloth diapering and saw all the fun cloth wipes out there, I decided to try making my own! A few friends encouraged me to sell them.”
These are my favorite wipes in her store. Not only are they cute and Christmas-y but they are MINKY!
Do you have any MINKY wipes?
No? Well you need to grab these! Christmas is almost here!
Julie does have a few already made sets of wipes in her store (and they are VERY reasonably priced!) but she thought it would be more fun if she focused on “Custom Wipes”. You get to choose Size, Fabric, & Material. These are some of your choices but I know she would work with you if you had your own ideas too!

                     approx. 18 fabric combos

flannel / flannel

flannel / Birdseye

flannel / terrycloth

5×7″ wipes

8×8″ wipes – her “oversized’ wipes

Balancing between being a good mom to her 9 month old, writing her blog, and keeping up with her many activities, Caboose Cloth will be a more laid back, sew to have fun, kind of store where she can take her time to customize what you are looking for.

Here is P’Diddy with the sample of wipes Julie made for us. Do you see my alligators? Love ’em! We’ll use them to wipe up his mess that he is making with his cracker! My wipes are also washcloths and napkins for school lunches.

She has fun dabbling with different projects and recently sold her first Crayon Roll! Yay!

One of my favorite conversation topics with Julie is living more naturally. Here are her thoughts on being a Crunchy Mama…

I used to call myself crunchy in jest when I would buy something organic, or avoid chemicals, or worry about garbage and plastics. However, since I’ve become a mom, a concern for the world my children will grow up in has led me to consider my habits. I am probably more crunchy now that I’m a mom. I don’t call myself a tree-hugger or a hippie; instead I like to call myself resourceful though, because I believe in making the best use of the resources God gave us. Our world is full of wonderful materials that we can enjoy, create, and use things from, but it’s our responsibility to exercise wise stewardship of our resources. Wastefulness is not an option or a good character trait. So, my focus is on reducing waste (of resources, time, energy) although I am far from perfect at this and some days are better than others! I also have become a big fan of upcycling, which I sort of did all my life and didn’t know it had a name!

As far as crunchy motherhood goes, I support homebirth but am too afraid to try it yet, I (finally) love breastfeeding, and I try to babywear (but I get tired). I am a huge fan of cloth diapering. But there is no way I or my hubby could sleep if our very active 9 month old slept in bed with us, so no co-sleeping for us. I visit a regular doctor and a homeopathic to try to bring some balance to our medical needs, but mostly we focus on prevention through healthy eating habits and lifestyle. My goal is to transition our family to a more organic and a locavore ifestyle in the year to come in order to improve our health and well-being and support our community!”

Julie wants to celebrate the opening of her store by giving away a set of 6 Wipes.
WIN and CUSTOMIZE how you want!

We want to support a new mama right? Let’s give her some LOVE!

I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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