Inspired By Finn ~ Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


It has not been fun around our household at times. Many times. Seven teeth in P’Diddy’s first seven months. We’ve done the wet washcloths, the cold teethers, and I even broke down and tried the Baby Orajel once. I wish I would have had this wonderful “natural” remedy much earlier! Have you heard about the healing powers of Baltic Amber? It was long ago considered one of the leading “medicines” of its time. And I bet you think it’s a stone. Nope, it is a fossilized tree resin.

Inspired By Finn operates out of Hyena Cart and they sell a TON of beads in different sizes, shapes and colors. We chose Earth Tones in the Chip style.

I have learned a lot about amber since receiving the necklace. I wanted to make sure P’Diddy was getting the full benefits of the necklace so we are following these simple “rules”

– make sure the amber is on direct and continous contact with the skin. So wear the necklace inside your shirt instead of out.

– should be worn as much as possible – take off at bathtime and sleeptime for little ones.

– the lightest color of amber contains the most succinic acid so has the greatest therapeutic benefit


– wear your amber as close to the discomfortant site as possible.

Did you know that Baltic amber is also good for many many things? Headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel are a few and Inspired By Finn sells bracelets too! AND I was super surprised to see bead strands for your back! I ran to tell chiro Hubby about it. Helps with back pain and even menstrual cramping! 

Would you like to order from Inspired By Finn? I have some DISCOUNTS for you!

Would you like to WIN a necklace? Which one would you choose?

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