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‘No mom I can do it!’

I can’t tell you how often I hear this phrase in a day. It takes almost all of my patience (and I don’t have much!) when I have to stand there each time we get in and out of the car as he mastered his newest skill ~ buckling his own seat belt in the car seat.

I will tell you one area though where I LOVE this ‘I can do it!’ sentence. Shoes.

As I scramble to get out the door each day I’m thinking about a million things. Do I have enough water bottles, snacks, extra clothes, lists, coupons, my phone, I could go on as I know you understand. Having him put on his own shoes has been a blessing!

Umi understands us busy moms. We need hook and loops, or velcro. This awesome invention not only lets the children put on their shoes at an earlier age, but how much faster is it for us then shoelaces that tie?

Umi Henleys

For Fall, P’Diddy will be sporting the Henleys. He has already been tromping everywhere in them. They are quick and easy to put on.  The leather gives him a big boy look and the orange trim around the bottom is sporty. He loves moving that little flap over to tighten up the boot and gives me the biggest grin when his goal as been accomplished.

‘Mom I can put my boots on!’


Yes you can sweet boy. I’m so proud of you.


Check out for all their new Fall Styles! All super cute!

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 I received this products for my review free of charge and all opinions are my own. 

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