I’m Tired

It’s 11:19, way past my bedtime, and I am tired but that is not why I titled the post this way. Do you ever find that sometimes you get tired of certain things in life?

Like, doing the dishes. As soon as I push start on the dishwasher I find a dirty spoon and plop it in the sink for the next load.

Or the way your furniture is arranged. Do you ever move a chair to another corner just to freshen things up?

How about your wardrobe? I get so tired of wearing the same things over and over. The new clothes are for the kids.

A day can be a struggle. The same ole, same ole, all over again.

I’m going to commit to doing a new task each day to brighten things up. I’ll try a new food. Read a good book. Visit a store I’ve only admired from a distance. Or call an old friend who I haven’t chatted with in awhile. Maybe I’ll hire a life coach to help guide me. I’ve heard good things.

I think  life is a cycle that we get caught up in. Let’s remember to smile often and be thankful for what we do have. Even when the washer is running again.

What do you get tired of on a daily basis? Is there something new you’d like to do or change up?


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  • Thank you for this post. I get frustrated when doing the laundry and as soon as I get a particular 'color' load done, I discover someone didn't get all of his/her stuff into the laundry room. Or if I do manage do get everything wash, dried, folded, and put away. You can bet that day or the next morning someone will have wet the bed requiring a new load of laundry. Grrr. It's like I never even finished one small portion of my job. Still, there are rewards in being a mom, aren't there?! =)
  • I second Trisha - as soon as I am completely caught up on laundry the day is done and there is another load that will need to be done the next day. Sometimes, though, I take comfort in the mundane rhythmical things of life. Sometimes I make a list of what I need to accomplish in the day adding these regular things and crossing them off as the day progresses so at the end I can see what I've accomplished. Them I may reward myself with a sweet indulgence if I met my goals. It's how I make it thought long nights of school work after the kids are asleep.
  • Diapers! And dishes. The diapers I just tell myself that it'll be better in a few months once my oldest learns to potty-train (he's trying!). As far as new... I want to try red hair. :)
  • Sounds like life! However, you learned the secret---- incorporate something new!! Always be changing it up...... and have a positive outlook! We all have so much to be thankful for!!
  • I can completely relate. I have to get out of the house sometimes to break things up, even if it's just to walk around Target. And like T Rex Mom, I often reward myself at the end of the day with a little something sweet!
  • Cleaning definitely makes me tired because it ALWAYS has to be done again!!! :) So I hear you on the dishwasher comment! ;0) I would be VERY interested to see what a life coach would tell me... I do read a lot of organizing/advice books/blogs/sites and always "eavesdrop" on my other mom friends to see how they handle things... so I would be curious if someone I didn't know could give me additional insight to my life! :)

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