Hubby Brought Me Home a Lot of Waste!

“What am I supposed to do with all that?” I ask him.

“Well put the leftovers in the fridge,” he responds.

“Um, no. With all that packaging!” I reply.

Hubby had an event at work this weekend and went to the grocery store to buy snacks to munch on for it. It’s incredible the amount of plastic container waste the stores put out. ¬†That fruit bowl is huge! Isn’t there a better way?

Then on his way home he stops at Hardees to get a drink. A large plastic cup of a drink!

I am VERY fortunate that my city now recycles plastics up to #7 so I can just throw these containers in the recycling bin to be picked up. But what would I have done before that? What most of you probably have to do…throw them all away. Guilt!

What would you do if your hubby brought home these containers? Can you recycle in your town? Find a way to reuse them?


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  • Well... that is a lot of waste - if it were me.... well, if the container is not stinky or greasy from the food, I wash it and reuse it for something at least a few times before throwing it away. Often they end up being water catchers under our many plants! :) We're also able to recycle #7 too, which is good! :)
  • Reuse or recycle : ) My mother in law works at a school cafeteria and they use these for salad bar daily and toss them out, now thats a whole lot of waste :(
    • That made me think of my kid's cafeteria - sytrofoam trays. Every time I eat lunch with the boys I cringe as I see them all fall into the garbage can. There HAS to be better way, right?
  • If it is sturdy enough, I reuse them till I can't resuse them anymore. We are also lucky to have recycling in out town and a place where you go and drop it off and they sort through it for you.
  • Oooh. I thought jackpot when I saw the clear containers. I keep those, wash them out, and use them for gifts. Wrap with tissue paper, set in clear container, and add a crazy bow. I love Julies idea to use them as plant water catchers! I like to save the little (dressing size) cups too- they are great for holding finger paints or sticking in a drawer to keep paper clips, thumb tacks, etc.
  • What drives me nuts is that in my son's kindergarten class they provide a snack and each usually comes in it's own plastic snack bag. Seriously, 6 pretzels in a bag then its thrown away immediately after use. I cringe everytime I'm in there to help but the mom who provides the snacks is a bit of a well... I won't say.. :)
    • yes I would cringe too! Maybe we should find a snack bag coop and buy in bulk so everyone has their own bag for cheap! :) PS. Good thing we have our glass straw to go in that Hardees cup - one less plastic waste! :)
  • I think there should be a recycling container by every single trash container in the cities, and on exits of the drive-thru's as well... at gas stations by the pumps, etc.

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