Holiday Waste

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I found these statistics from Tina at My Baby’s Green who posted them on her Facebook page.

According to the Medical University of South Carolina, waste output increases by at least 25% during the holiday season.

I totally believe that! We have already taken an extra trip to the Recycle Center with all the boxes and filling paper from all the online ordering I’ve done. And I had an armload of styrofoam and plastic wrap that I had to throw away last night. And it’s not even Christmas yet!

Here are a few tips to lessen your load:


Put less packaging on your gifts. Many suggest re-using wrapping paper, but we know this is not always so easy to do, better yet use gift bags instead as these are easy to save and use for many years.


OR…Make your own wrapping paper. Use children’s artwork, stylish magazine ads, or comics from the newspaper. (If every family wrapped just 3 gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. -Sierra Club)


When throwing a party, don’t use plastic utensils, paper plates or napkins.


Use do-it-yourself holiday decor, like berries and pine combs.


Recycle and craft with used wine and drink bottles.


Buy recycled or tree-free cards, made from materials like hemp.


Courtesy of Charlotte, NC

We are going plain this year with no bows and ribbons. But next year I want to come up with some eco-friendly decorations to make the present wrapping fun!

Edited to Add: Here are some FUN Green Gift Wrapping Tips HERE – Thanks Monica! These are great!

Amber from Life Love Green Blog MAKES her own cloth bags as wrapping! See HERE! They are awesome!

Tell me what you are doing to help with Holiday Waste!

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