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Heirloom Wooden Toys $50 Giveaway!

Where do I even begin to show off Heirloom Wooden Toys!

There is so much to tell you!

They have every wooden toy you can possibly imagine plus more I tell ya!

From Blocks for your builders to Kitchens for your bakers

to Art Easels for your painters

and Sleds ~ because I know some of you need those right now 😉

Meet Kitty, the owner, and how she got started ~

We acquired Heirloom in 2009 from the couple who started it. We already owned one business and were looking for another that we could run out of the same location, and when we found Heirloom was available, we loved it! It fit nicely with our own philosophy of toys and play, and many of the toys in the store were ones that we’d bought for our kids when they were little. We’ve had a lot of fun – and worked really hard – in the last 15 months!

My favorite thing about Heirloom Wooden Toys? The customer service!

I have never had a company care so much about what I was going to review for them. In other words, Kitty wanted to make sure that the products I was getting to show off in this post were ones that fit my family so we could easily enjoy them. We chatted on the phone for approximately twenty minutes as she got to know about my kids and what they would like. She picked out the PERFECT toys for us!!

For the big boys we received Gobblet ~ a fun strategy game ~ a tic-tac-toe version where you get to “gobble” up your opponents to get four in a row. As you can see Hubby and I love to play too! And Hubby hates it when I beat him! Ha!!

We have tournament rounds that the whole family participates in so it really is great for all ages!

Baby P’Diddy got the Pull-Along Rolling Snail Sorter. He is almost walking and I can’t wait until he can pull it along with him, but for now he loves watching me pull it because the blocks inside make a clanking sound and the lines on the wheel give it a really neat effect when it’s moving along.

Can I tell you my second favorite thing about Kitty? She is a crunchy mama! But today I’m only going to give you tidbits of Kitty’s crunchiness because next week I will feature her in my first Crunchy Mama Spotlight series so stay tuned!

My path to crunchiness probably started when my husband and I became vegetarians in about 1991, as a result of some involvement with the Sierra Club and a desire to make some personal changes to help the environment.

…we ended up with the family bed, nursing toddlers, vegetable gardens, organic food, attachment parenting, natural toys, cloth diapers, homemade jam. That stuff all felt right!

Part of he motivation for Heirloom Wooden Toys is to help other families bring a little “crunchiness” into their lives – to just slow down, enjoy the early years, connect with nature, spend lots of time together – and let the kids really be kids.

Don’t you just love her? Wait til you hear more of her story next week. It’s great!

As you can see Heirloom Wooden Toys has something for all ages! That is why Kitty could not decide what to give away and she graciously offered a gift certificate so she can help you find the right toy!

Shipping is FREE after $99 and only $5 otherwise!

WIN $50 at Heirloom Wooden Toys!

Good Luck!

Heirloom Wooden Toys sent me two toys for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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