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Everyone loves candles right? I have some hand poured soy candles to share with you. Heather started Flames & Wicks Candle Company that she runs out of her home and online. I cannot wait to share with you the niche that she has made for herself to stand out!
First some facts about Heather’s soy wax candles:
-Poured when you order! There’s a huge difference between a fresh poured candle and one that has been sitting on a warehouse shelf waiting to be bought. You’ll smell the difference the second you open the box! -They burn slower, last longer and smell better

– Pure soy wax is environmentally friendly because it will not increase the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It is not made from petroleum, unlike paraffin candles

-90% Less Soot than regular beeswax or paraffin candles and better for the environment.

-Clean up with just use warm soapy water. No scraping required, and decorative candle jars are easy and safe to clean out and re-use for virtually anything!

-Price wise, let’s just say we Blow Out the competition!
What makes Heather unique:
Customer Loyal Program – for those who burn candles all the time but don’t always have the money to buy them. By enrolling in this program you receive $1.00 for every $6 spent towards your next purchase

Throw a Candle Party – she will send you (6) 1 oz. sample jar candles, books and order forms. Simply take the candles and order form with you for your friends to browse through. One sniff of the sample jars does it all! As her way of thanking you for spreading the word about her hand-poured specialty candles, you earn a percentage of the sales from your party to purchase your own candles and she will comp the shipping of your entire parties candles when she sends them directly to you so there are no shipping fees! AWESOME or what?? 
Design Your Own – take your favorite scent and combine it with a color that will
compliment your decor! She has 54 scents & 24 colors!

Her Prices are UNBELIEVABLE! – I’m going to list a few so you can see!

4 tarts – $1
4 votives – $3
9oz jar candle – $6
22oz interlude jar – $9
Heather was nice enough to send me her sample package. The boys and I opened up the box and went hhhmmm because it was so smelly good. We all have our favorites – O’Bear likes the Sweet Pea (that is pink. Isn’t that cute?), C’Man loves the Sweet Cinnamon Kisses, and I can’t stop lighting the Apple Pie. We love them! Hubby has them on display at his office and as soon as you walk in the door you can smell them. He didn’t even have to light them because the scents are so fantastic just by themselves.
Let’s hear from Heather:
Tell me about you and your family

I am the mother of four children. Shawn 20, Mercedes 16, Jordan 13 and Jeremiah 10. Have a daughter in law Meghan and brand new baby Grandson (7/29/10) Keegan. I have been married to Jason for 15 years (in October). We lived in Missouri all our lives and moved to Oklahoma in 2008 for better jobs and schools. Our youngest, Jeremiah, was diagnosed with Autism in 2006 (he first started showing signs when he was 2 years old… just after his immunizations) and we needed to get to bigger schools with more resources for him. Most people would think that a small town would be great to get individual attention and that isn’t true. Here…our whole family has grown and prospered well. (Shawn stayed in Missouri and didn’t move with us) And on that note it leads me into how I got started.

How did you get started?
I was spending a fortune in candles… I am an avid candle burner, always have one going in at least 2-3 rooms. In 2000 my husband asked me…”Isn’t there a way you can make your own?” So after doing some research and getting a few starting supplies, I made my first candles. After awhile people started asking for them, for presents, fund raisers, or just for themselves… but it wasn’t until recently that things have really took off. I have spent the last 10 years getting just the right scents, the right jars, the right colors, etc. It has also allowed me to be at home with my youngest. He has certain eccentricities that have to be dealt with on a daily basis. Even though he is in school now I still find it hard to have a regular 9-5 job.

How long does it take to make a candle?
It usually takes between 48 to 72 hours to make a candle. Depending on the size. They have to have time to set and cure, or you will end up with a liquid mess. 🙂 Meaning that the candle will turn back into liquid within a few hours of burning and be in poor quality with very little scent throw.

Are you a crunchy mama?
I am a crunchy mama. I prefer herbal medicine to regular meds… but will still use antibiotics if it is needed. We recycle as much as we can, our local recycling place will only take certain items, which is very frustrating. We are not totally ‘hippie”. We still eat meat and lots of veggies! And I didn’t use cloth diapers… just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I consider our family a work in progress.

Guess what? Heather is giving away TWO for one person. Aren’t you a lucky duck? You get to pick what scent you want.


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