Healthy Morning Routines #silkproteinpower

We all know the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do believe that and also think there are other important steps that we should remember to do before we begin our daily tasks. Making a routine each and every morning is a great way to teach the kids about responsibility, order and health.

Healthy Morning Routines

Here are the Healthy Morning Routines at our house:

Ask God to watch over us. As we slip out of bed first thing in the morning I like to remind God to give us stretch and wisdom in our day.

Make the bed. My mom will probably laugh when she reads this one because I was not a child, or even a adult, that makes the bed everyday. But I have been doing it religiously now and making my kids do it too. I’ve learned it is not just about ‘who will see it’ that day.

Morning walks. Nothing gives me energy like morning exercise. I love the first of the day when it is still becoming light. I ponder a lot of ideas and am ready to tackle the day ahead of me.

Showers and teeth. This may seem like a given, but as a mom to pre-teenage boys I’m learning this is a rule that needs to be enforced in a nice way. I’m trying not to tell them they can’t walk out the door smelly, but taking care of our bodies through cleaniness will keep us strong and healthy too. Right?

Daily vitamins. I do not remember to take my vitamins unless I train myself to take them at the same time. I’ve chosen the morning to give me the energy I need. The kids are good at reminding me too since they like their gummies!

Healthy breakfast. Lots of good choices here, but my person favorite is fruit smoothies. Here is one of hubby’s creations we shared with you on the blog a couple of years ago. It is make with Silk Fruit & Protein and we named it the Southern Berry Julius. I think you will love it!

southern berry julius

Here are a few links I’d like to share so you can learn more about Silk and soymilk.


These are pretty simple ways to lead a healthy lifestyle…it is important to start the day off right!

Do you have a healthy morning routine at your house?

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