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Yes I love my sweets this time of year, but I have some yummy healthy foods to introduce you to. Stock up the kitchen for your holiday guests and surprise them with these goodies…next to their favorite treats.


I was first introduced to CHOMPS grass-fed beef jerky sticks when I was following the Whole 30 plan a few years ago. I discovered they were one of the only companies that did not add sugar to their sticks. Could not believe that fact until I read all the jerky labels in the grocery store. Crazy there is sugar in almost all jerky! I started buying CHOMPS for my snacks and I still buy a handful every single time I shop at Trader Joes.

They have also become a stable in my boy’s baseball bags. We have long tournament days where they are playing all weekend long and CHOMPS is the perfect food to sustain them with 9-10grams of protein. Grab some for your long car rides this holiday season. They taste really good!

Kiss My Keto

I have also tried out the Keto diet and Hubby and I were always making ‘sweet’ treats to reward us. I’m not sure how good they really tasted and wish I would have found these sooner. Chocolate? Gummies? Birthday Cake Protein Shakes? Yes please! The kids think I’m going to share, but I’m not! These products show that eating well doesn’t have be boring.

Keto Bars – to keep you in ketosis and burning fat all day long. Chocolate Cookie-Dough, Chocolate Coconut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Yes chocolate!

Keto Gummies – Craving sugar? Eat these instead as they contain MCT Oil to give you a boost of energy.

Keto Protein Powder – Mix of collagen protein and MCT Oil powder. Make a shake OR cake/cookies with the yummy flavors!

Their website is full of information about Keto because it can be a little confusing and tons of recipes to help you out. Check them out!

Are you ready for unique? Mighty Sesame Co makes TahiniBars – a super seed sesame bar with only 100 calories. Flavors –Pistachio, Cocoa Nibs, and Vanilla – are an addictive grab-and-go treats take the tahini craze to new heights. As you can see I tried the pistachio and while it is small (2-3 bites!) it is tasty! And again a good take-along snack.

Speaking of tahini, you can also find rich and creamy Tahini Sauces in squeeze-and-serve bottles. Add to sandwiches, dips, desserts, and dressings. Or drizzle it over meat, fish, and veggies. Yum!

Tea lover? Then give those on your list with a taste of the exotic. Wissotzky Tea Company’s new Artisan ChaiTea collection blends hand-selected premium black tea leaves with market spices, herbs, and other natural ingredients for a spicy-sweet escape any time. 

Béla Harmony, a new herb-infused wellness drink!

I’m going to admit to you that I was a bit nervous about this one. The front of the bottle says Turmeric + Holy Basil. I was afraid I was going to hate it, but it was just the opposite! It is very refreshing and tastes wonderful! I would probably say I like the Tropical better, but the unsweetened/no flavor is excellent too.

Inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient sister-science of Yoga, Béla is designed specifically to enable and support holistic mind-and-body goals, as exemplified by Yoga. Béla Harmony brings together six herbs, electrolytes and vitamins to hydrate your body, promote a feeling of calmness, and deliver anti-oxidative support.

A portion of every sale goes to support girls’ health & empowerment. Try it!

Which one do you want to try first?

WIN them all!

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