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Read Happy Baby Organic Guide Book. Many of you know that P’Diddy is my third baby. And somewhere in the five and a half years between him and his brother is the time where I became a Crunchy Mama. One of the characteristics of being crunchy is buying and eating organic. So when P’Diddy was close to six months old it was time to start researching what he was going to eat. A lot had changed in those five years! A whole new market emerged. Or maybe I was just seeing it for the first time.

The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months

I was very excited when Happy Baby food wanted to send me their new book called The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months by Robert W. Sears, MD, FAAP (yes Dr. Sears!) and Amy Marlow, MPH, RD, CDN.

It is a really great book! It goes from how to prepare for baby before he comes, to the main part of the book which is a guide on eating, then finishes up about how to green up your whole life!

But how green do you really want to go? There are different levels to help you achieve your goal in each area in the book and in life!

Palest green – changes you can make if you’re just getting started being green
A littler greener – a step up in your habits and behaviors
The deepest shade of green – for mamas who are ready to take the bigger steps.

In this post I want to talk a bit about the eating/foods part of the book. On Wednesday I will write about other parts of being green that the book focuses on.

It would be impossible for me to talk about all 400 pages but I want to key in on some of my favorite sections.

Flavor Fusion for Babies
One thing you will see here in a bit when I post about Happy Baby food is the mix up of flavors they sell. Here in the book they encourage you to make your own and don’t be afraid to mix different ingredients up. Boring me never even thought of mixing when we make our own…lol

How about Avocado and Apple? Or Baby’s First Burrito – Black Beans & Banana. They have lots of recipes for the whole family too!

A part I enjoyed reading word for word, seriously studying, was the part about how much a baby should be eating at what age. And not just how much, but WHAT to introduce and when. A big question in our house is when to introduce dairy. Hubby is not a big fan of cow’s milk so we haven’t done any yogurts or cheeses yet. Of course every baby is different, so always take that into consideration when reading these things.

Navigating the Aisles and Deciphering Food Labels
It was just a few months ago that I headed down the baby aisle for the first time after many years to pick up some “real” food for P’Diddy. Wow was it overwhelming! What was safe for him?

There are some great tips listed in The Guide – “all natural” doesn’t always mean “healthy”, “made with organic” doesn’t mean 100% organic, a “made with real fruit” might still mean processed sweets.

Everything in the book are great tips for all of us. Yes, they may start with baby, but we should be following them for the rest of our life if we want to remain healthy and eco-friendly at the same time.

Now do you want to see what Happy Baby food makes and sells? You can find them in many grocery stores or buy online from HappyBabyFood.com! Their website states they are “committed to providing families with the healthiest, most optimal nutrition possible. Besides using the best organic ingredients, we also incorporate the best nature has to offer when it comes to added nutrition, like our sustainable source of DHA, pre and probiotics, and supergrains like Salba and Quinoa. You can count us to offer items without added sugar, trans fats, anything artificial”

All their packaging is BPA free and everything purchased contributes to their Project Peanut Butter which feeds starving children in Malawi.

You want to hear what my boys tried?

This was the first snack food P’Diddy tried. Do you know what I call them? The crabby stoppers. They have to be stocked in our house!
How about some green puffs? Or gluten free sweet potato?
The snack that everyone RAVES about. And I have to admit – they are pretty tasty!
Also come in banana and strawberry!
This was a fun one. P’Diddy’s first meats! Turkey, vegetables, fruits & millet.
If you can tell me what a millet is then add yourself an extra entry in the giveaway 🙂
Does Beef Stew sound yummy? Or how about Amaranth Ratatouille? Can you even say that?

One for my big boys! They love fish sticks so to find some that I know are healthy is fantastic! There are some hidden vegetables inside too!
Mac & Cheese is another favorite! Or Veggie Tots!
So happy to have found not only a great Guide to teach me but healthy organic food that tastes great!

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