Gyro Bowl for Kids Review


For months now my older boys have been telling me to buy the Gyro Bowl kids bowl for P’Diddy. They’ve watched the commercials and seen them on the store shelves. They couldn’t understand why I did not want to buy this bowl for him. They thought it was perfect!

Well I’m glad I held off because now I get to show it off to you!

Gyro Bowl

Gryo Bowl Review Kids Bowl

This bowl is really cool! It is designed to not spill. How you ask? The inner bowl is not attached to the handle, there for it can swivel as P’Diddy sways. He has even turned it upside down and everything stayed inside! Remarkable I say!

The first day we had it, P’Diddy had decided to test it on his own because all of a sudden he threw it across the room! ‘P!’ I yell, very upset with him for doing that. His brothers say to me, ‘Mom, it’s ok! It’s virtually indestructible!’ LOL! (ok if you don’t watch TV you won’t get why that is funny and yeah my boys probably watch to much!).

This has become the first, maybe only, bowl we now grab for snack time. He can carry it and his drink at the same time!

Gyro Bowl

Now yes if you shake the bowl or the child has his finger on the inner bowl so it can’t spin then the snacks will fall out (I just read some disappointing negative reviews) but for the most part that does not happen. The bowl is really great!

BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe also give it pluses in my book!


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Good Luck!

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