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I know it’s Cloth Week, but today’s giveaway could have been held in Plastics Week too as I share GreenTime. Let’s pretend for a second it is so that I can continue to throw some facts your way!
~ Did you know that one TRILLION plastic bags are used worldwide each year?
~ A person uses 3-4 plastic bags in their lunch everyday which is about 1,000 a year.
~ Every year Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic bags which is equivalent to 12 million barrels of oil.
~ Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled because it’s to costly
~ Nearly 100,000 marine and sea animals and 1 million birds die each year from eating or getting tangled in plastic.
I got all of those facts from Green Time! They not only make cloth bags, but they care about our environment and are happy to be doing their part in eliminating waste.

Cherri’s Story ~ “One day about 3 years ago my 10 year old daughter and I started realizing how plastic affected the environment and how much we were using and throwing away, we decided that something needed to be done and we needed an alternative to plastic baggies.


I did love how convenient and how fresh plastic bags kept my food. I wanted to create a bag that was safe, reusable, convenient, easy to care for, could hold wet snacks and would keep the items fresh for over 24 hours so I could pack lunches the night before.
After much research and testing for a safe lining and a lining that performed the way I needed it to, I discovered nylon and peva fabric.
The Greentime reusable snack and sandwich bags were created.
We have be using ours for a long time, Since we love the products so much and use them all of the time, we wanted to share them with you. We feel great knowing that we are doing something to help the earth and the future. Whenever I sell something my daughter gets so excited! Not just because it lets her mom continue to work at home but because somebody else is helping the environment. She loves that! We both want to say thank you very much!”
There are a lot of Mamas that make sandwich/snack bags I’ve noticed lately, but do you know what attracted me to Green Time? Those of you who are getting to know me can figure it out…..they are CUTE! There are tons of fabrics to choose from! I love lots of choices!
So you will be surprised to hear what I picked out. It is sooo cool….Decorate Your Own Bags!
I bought a package of fabric markers for the kids to color them. I was way nervous because my children do not have the artistic hand (they unfortunately get this from their mother) but that didn’t matter right? It was just for fun! This is what they did!


Another item that Cherri makes and sells is Cloth Napkins! I have been looking for CUTE and reasonably priced cloth napkins for my boys for awhile now. She sent me a set and we love them. They are soft and the perfect size to fit in the boys’ lunches.
Do you want to hear if Cherri is a Crunchy Mama?
“Yes, I am a crunchy mama. I recycle, make my own cleaners, grow some of my own vegetables and I can them sometimes. I would eat all organic foods and meat, I would use all natural products but I don’t because right now I can’t afford them. I believe in all of the things that you mentioned, I really liked to see that other people believe in co sleeping. When my children were young, they would sleep with us and I didn’t really let anyone know because when I did people would say that I really need to get them in their own beds and really made me feel terrible because I did. I didn’t see anything wrong with it and it did not bother us so I just stopped telling people.” 
Would you like to WIN both a sandwich AND snack bag in the fabrics of your choice?
Cool huh?

Green Time Bags sent me a bags/napkins to review. I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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