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When P’Diddy first starting eating solids around five months we made most of his food and bought a few jars. Now six months later the situation has reversed and we buy most his food and just make some. Why? I’m lazy. Or I should say we’re lazy because Hubby is the baby food maker in our house with food storage cubes!

I am very happy that i play and Green Sprouts offered me a chance to review their new food storage cubes so that I can get back in the swing of making my own food! I was actually excited to go grocery shopping the other day so that I could pick out a few items to puree and store in my new containers! I chose green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots and avocados. Nothing fancy but veggies I know baby loves.

Hubby and I had fun in the kitchen as we made all the baby food at once!

The bpa-free storage cubes hold 2oz each and come four to a tray. My favorite feature is the little stickers to attach to the lids to write what the cube contains and the date. And the trays are stackable! Less room in the fridge or freezer is always good.

We really love our new cubes!

Another great item i play  and green sprouts carries are bibs! They carry LOTS of bibs!
Four stages of bibs actually!

We got to test out the Slicker Bib. It has this great Flip Pocket. Wear it without the pocket or flip it into a pocket to catch more mess! As soon as I tried it on P’Diddy and handed him a cracker, he accidentally dropped it, but that was ok because the pocket was there to catch it! Yay! It was super easy to clean too. Made with a waterproof nylon it is simple to wipe down and dry.

 It comes in four great colors and designs!

You can also purchase the food storage cubes on Amazon but you will want more so I will let you try to WIN some!!

i play Inc. sent me storage cubes and bib for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 

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