Green Spring Clean with HAAN Steam Cleaning

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My favorite type of spring cleaning ~ Steaming! Let’s test out the HAAN Steam Cleaner.

Why would you use any type of chemical when steam technology allows you to clean up the mess and KILL 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria, and dust mites? Today I’m partnered with HAAN to tell you why you need to try this type of cleaning.

Multiforce Pro

They have many fabulous steam mops, but what is cool about the award-winning HAAN MultiforcePro SS25 is that it cleans indoors AND out. It uses CR-motion which is a pushing and pulling motion with the two reciprocating pads moving in opposite directions at 850 cycles per minute. This allows it to scrub and buff like no other!

20 jets at the bottom!

Use it on any type of flooring – wood, tile, rugs, and even outdoor patios. Just look at all the different types of pads it comes with for the perfect cleaning…a resting mat, carpet glide, buffing pads, ultra-microfiber cleaning, and scrub brush. Wow!


I couldn’t wait to use it on our family room rug. It is the focus point of our room and is constantly played on. Just look at that steam!


My favorite features include the removable water tank that I refill in the sink. Much easier and less messy then bringing water to the mop. Also, the swivel head is AWESOME. It twists and turns to get those hard to reach spots! I even love the hissing sound it makes as the water quickly heats up. I know my floors are getting some steam clean power with this floor scrubbing steamer!

I am a firm believer in HAAN steam cleaning and think you should try them out for a chemical free, natural, safe, and environmentally friendly home cleaning! What do you say?


The HAAN MultiforcePro SS25 is available on their website for $239.95 and has great reviews!

You can see other options too like the HandiPro Portable Steamer which is great for ironing out wrinkles for clothes (you don’t need an iron!) and walking around the house to spray down toilets or furniture. Bring it outside for furniture or car detail. I have a similiar style and love it because it fits in my hand!

HandiPro Portable Steamer

Win a HAAN HandiPro Portable Steamer! (RV $59.95) 

I received this item for free for review and all opinions are my own.

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