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I know before I begin a story how P’Diddy is going to do sitting through it. I can tell by the number of words on the page versus how colorful and bright the illustrations are. Will it hold his attention? Will he get fidgety and zone out? The other day we were reading a train book – his fav! – but it was an older black and white. He noticed right away and commented on the lack of color. Trying to keep a four year old’s attention can be very trying, especially when it is something you really want them to hear – like stories about God.

I have to tell you how impressed I am with the book God and Me. Now we have grown quite an accumluation of bible stories for the kids, but this is different. This is a Devotional, a Discussion, Scripture and a Prayer all rolled into one. The best part is that is takes less than five minutes a day, but I will tell you that you will walk away from these five minutes with a smile on your face.

God and Me

God and Me has a page – a single page – for everyday of the year. Most of this page is covered in big, bright, colorful pictures and the rest with bold, easy to read text. You will find:

A Devotional & Discussion: A short paragraph to teach children more about God. What does he expect from them on a daily basis?

February 11th is titled Useful Hands. What is Michael doing with his hands? I’m glad God gave us hands because we use them to do lots of things – painting, drawing, cutting and pasting. Can you think of other things you do with your hands?

Now we go into discussion and P’Diddy tells me how else he uses his hands. What I loved is this totally tied into our preschool unit on Touch this week. You see? Once you have a topic you can discuss and listen to how their little minds work.

Prayer: Dear God, it’s great You gave me hands! I like using my hands to ____. Amen. Teach them that talking to God and giving Thanks is a simple prayer they can do on their own.

Scripture: Read Jeremiah 18:1-4. What is the person in today’s story doing with this hands? LOVE this! Even at his age, we are opening the bible and letting them experiment what it is all about!

God and Me Book

God and Me is available on Amazon today in a nice hardcover for $14.39. Recommended ages are 4-7, but I definitely think you could start younger and maybe even a year or two older!

This book is from Tommy Nelson Kids who “spends all day every day thinking about kids and how we can bring them closer to God through the highest quality books, videos, & entertainment products” 🙂


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