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style="text-align: center;">Raise your hand if you go to garage sales! Or maybe I should say add a comment if you garage sale!
Me Me Me!
This morning I took my two older boys garage saling (is that a word?) with me. O’Bear actually BEGS me to go and sometimes counts down the days until it is Saturday. This morning we had a neighborhood sale and we got out the house early. Look at what we found…
*picture no longer available*
8 books  ranging from $.25 – $1 each
Toy Sword $.25
Webkinz Snake & Otter $2 each
Batman Plane/Motorcycle $3
Stickers & Pirate tub thing Free
Baby Pjs $2
Boy Pjs $1
Toy Vacuum $1
Baby Jumper $2
What is the best garage deal you have found?


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  • Oh yeah! I am totally back into it now that I'm home with the baby (previously I was too busy correcting English papers to THINK about leaving the house!). I have gotten some GREAT finds too - Gymboree clothing for $1-2, books, etc... love it. Need to hit up some more! :)This is a good idea for a post!
  • I love yard saling. My favorite is finding a sale that has clothes in my size and my style. That's the ultimate jack pot for me, haha. It's harder to find stuff when you aren't a mom yet, but I can't imagine having kids and NOT going because there is so much great stuff out there for kids at yard sales.
  • Wow you got some great stuff for great prices! I am not good at garage saling (I think that is a word) but my mom is always good at finding great things. I have a lot to learn :)I am visiting from the relax & Surf sunday! I am now follwing your blog :)
  • I just bought that same vacuum a couple days ago from Toys R Us for 15!I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Hope you can stop by and visit.Have a great day!Kari

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