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FREE Kid’s Meals Coupons for ALL from Moe’s Southwest Grill!

Yes you heard me right!!

Aren’t I partnered up with an awesome company?

There are not very many restaurants that all of my kids agree on, but ask them if they want to go to Moe’s Southwest Grill and I get cheers all around!

What is their fav?

Moo Moos ~ or kid burritos. They all order the same thing, though each is made differently.

C’Man ~ rice, chicken, cheese, onions, lettuce tomatoes

O’Bear ~ rice, black beans, ground beef, cheese

P’Diddy ~ rice, black beans, chicken, cheese

But what do they REALLY want? Liquid gold, aka Queso.

These were all taken on different days. Yes we go often!

It beats fast food don’t you think?

With grass fed beef, cage free chicken, organic tofu, & fresh veggies, it wins for us every time!


Be sure to check out ~ a new interactive website for the kids!

View the Kid Meal options, play fun games, & receive special offers!


ok ok I know you want to hear about the FREE Kid’s Meals for EVERYONE!!

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Click on the orange Free Kid’s Meals button, fill out easy info, & a Free Meal will be emailed to you!

Easy Peasy!

Coupon expires August 25, 2012 so get clicking! 🙂


What do your kids order at Moe’s?


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