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You custom wool lovers are in for a treat today! You get to work with Melissa from Etsy’s Forty41 to put together a speciality wool item JUST FOR YOU!

First, read how Melissa started Forty41…Long story short, I started sewing my own kids clothing due to frustrations at the lack of style and what I could afford at the time (especially for my boy). Wool came into play after I made my son a few pairs of wool pants from some thrifted sweaters. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I eventually became addicted to finding the cutest wool sweaters in thrift shops all around my city. Since I had to keep my sweater stash under control, so I began to sell my woolly creations on Etsy.

The truth is the process was a bit longer than that, but the rest is just boring details 🙂

Wool Shorties Board Shorts

If you’re new to wool then you need to know WHY wool is so awesome…

* Renewable and sustainable

* Reusable

* Biodegradable

* Fire resistant

* Water resistant

* Wrinkle resistant

* Static, dirt, and dust resistant

* Naturally mildew and mold resistant

Wool has insulating properties which keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer (yes cool!)

In addition, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp, and indeed, continues to keep you warm when it gets damp. With it’s own built-in climate control, wool is the perfect insulator. (Info stolen from Melissa’s facebook page!)

I had so much fun working with Melissa creating my special custom.

What colors do I want?

Do I want solids or stripes?

What size leg cuffs do I want?

Do I have a preference to the kind of wool?

As you can see she has LOTS to choose from!

After giving me some options with photos, Melissa got down to work and within a couple of days (this girl works fast!) I had pictures of my brand new woolies. They are plenty big with room to grow and we are lovin’ them!

Melissa is definitely a Crunchy Mama! LOVE it!!

I attempted a home birth with my son (which didn’t work out so well after 3 days of on & off labor). If I ever did have another I would definitely try it again. I do not trust any doctors, especially in my non-crunchy city (Las Vegas).

I still breastfeed my son, who is now…31 months. And we still co-sleep too.

We, of course, cloth diaper. I used to teach classes on how to get started & I still would if there was enough interest, but there hasn’t been recently 🙁

We did baby wear when my son was younger, but not so much now. He is a very independent 2 and a half year old!

We are also a non-vaxing household. We don’t even see a pediatrician on a regular basis. No need really.

And last, but not least…we recently decided to commit to being all vegetarian, mostly vegan. One of my long term goals is to grow my own food for my family.

You HAVE to visit her Facebook Page!

She not only has photos of her customs but a list with pictures of appliques! Sooo stinkin’ cute!

Stay updated because she is going to expanding soon to include more clothing items, matching sets, and possibly diapers! Can’t wait to see!!


Win a Custom Soaker, Longie or Shortie

(as long as Melissa has enough material for what you choose)

Good Luck!

I was not compensated in any way for the post, but did receive item for review and all opinions are my own.