Finding The Best Hotel Deals in San Diego: Don’t Forget Late Spring

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San Diego is one of the busiest tourist destinations in North America. It is popular because in addition to tens of miles of beaches and a perfect Mediterranean climate, it has a very safe and shiny, new downtown that boasts the largest entertainment district on the West Coast.

If there is a problem for some travelers, it is finding a hotel that is within their budget. Fortunately, not only are there areas in San Diego that offer more reasonably priced alternatives, travelers can also save money by scheduling their vacation to match a season where demand is not as great as it is during Spring Vacation and the Summer months.

In fact, with San Diego’s perfect climate providing a pleasant 70 to 80 degrees temperature daily in April and May, those who look for cheap hotels in San Diego during that time frame will find that prices are much more reasonable. Hipmunk is one example of a site that will clearly show you the seasonal price difference.

Where to look for good deals within San Diego

For those that are not choosing to travel slightly off-season, you can still find good hotel deals if you look in parts of San Diego that are a few minutes from downtown or the beach. Mission Valley is one popular area that features a Hotel Circle and a host of rooms at different hotels and motels priced for almost every budget. Another popular area for visitors that is close to everything is Old Town. Located a few trolley stops from downtown and only about two miles from the beach, there are a lot of room options that are much more reasonable than what you will find right on the beach or downtown during high season.

If you plan to visit the border area or spend time in Mexico, either Chula Vista or San Ysidro are both really well located. Chula Vista is a few miles from the border and a few miles from downtown San Diego while San Ysidro is right on the border. In general, the farther away from downtown San Diego you are, the lower the price of the motel or hotel. Travelers that are concerned about safety near the border should remember that San Ysidro is the busiest border crossing in the United States- which means that there are more federal agents in those cities to work and live than almost any other part of the United States, making them much safer than you might think.

San Diego has some of the most spectacular natural scenery and man-made distractions that a vacation spot could have in the continental United States. If your search results in you finding a reasonably priced hotel room, you will find the city well worth the visit.

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