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Lemon-and-Herb-Couscous-Salad-RecipeOne of the things that tends to happen when you are on a roll playing at bingo sites is that your tummy gets forgotten about.  I know that I am bad for taking the demon-takeaway route, but let’s face it – sitting on our bums eating chippies and Chinese takeaways whilst we play bingo online is the fast track route to obesity!  But when hunger attacks and you are on a winning streak, the first thing that you do – if you are anything like me – is reach for the phone!  Or you simply ignore those hunger pangs altogether.  Both of these outcomes are not going to do your health any good in the long run, so I have compiled this handy article to help!  You need a quick and healthy meal to starve off hunger and I have found the perfect solution:  Couscous!

Couscous is absolutely perfect for those of us who don’t have time to cook but want to eat healthy.  Apparently they are only around 100 calories in 100g of the stuff and it is ready in literally a few minutes!  Just bang the kettle on, pour hot water into a bowl of couscous and cover it with a tea towel.  You then have a good few minutes to check how your bingo game is doing – thank goodness for auto daub at bingo sites!  You can throw anything in to make it tasty, but one of my fave recipes is my lemon couscous salad.  I make mine with about 300g of couscous, some veggie stock cubes for flavour, lemon juice, 2 courgettes, parsley and feta cheese (if I’m feeling flush) and it takes literally about 10 minutes to prepare.  Sort out your couscous, chop your courgettes and when the couscous is ready I simply chuck it all in!  Easy, very quick and tasty and I don’t have to feel guilty that I am playing bingo games rather than out trying to work off a takeaway!

I’ve also made this recipe with bulghar wheat and I have mixed up the veggies for more variation too, so you can add in whatever you fancy for a tasty, healthy dinner.  The best part is of course that I am back in front of my laptop within 10 mins – you can’t beat that!

Thanks for guest posting Adam!


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  • I always keep cracked bulgar on hand (like what is used for tabbouleh) since it cooks the same time and method but is a whole grain that is ahigh in fiber and complex carbs (cous cous is low fiber and a simple carb since it is tiny pasta) i find it keeps me fuller longer!

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